How you can beat this winter's lingering hacking cough

How you can beat this winter’s lingering hacking cough – as nasty cold does the rounds and pharmacies sell out of remedies

  • A virulent cold with a hacking cough is circulating alongside Covid and flu
  • Illnesses lasting longer as we catch one after another due to reduced immunity 
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This winter, it seems most people are battling a bug – from Covid to flu and the nasty cold doing the rounds. Pharmacies have even been selling out of remedies.

A particularly virulent cold complete with a hacking cough is in circulation, according to Danny Altmann, a professor of immunology at Imperial College London who spoke to the Mail’s Good Health last week.

Coughs also seem to be lingering for longer – the suggestion being that this may be down to people catching one infection after another, possibly due to our reduced immunity after socially distancing and isolating for two winters. But help is at hand.

Many Britons have been suffering from a lingering, hacking cough this winter

Pharmacies have been selling out of cough remedies after a surge in demand

Click here to read how you can beat this winter’s lingering cough on The Mail+

You CAN beat the cough and cold and feel better – as experts have revealed in an article published on MailOnline’s sister site The Mail+, which you can read by clicking here.

We reveal the five over-the-counter cough remedies that actually do work.

Experts also reveal the breathing exercise that could help, the optimum temperature for your house and the old wives’ tales that might actually have something in them.

And we tell you what you shouldn’t be doing as you recover.

Click here to read the article on The Mail+.

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