‘I thought loving tum was impossible – but now I love what I see in mirror’

A body positive influencer caressed her belly as she finally learnt to love her tum.

Dani Musgrave went viral on TikTok for her dedication to helping others embrace their bodies.

The beauty has built up a following over 20,000 users as she vows to help them "feel confident in your [their] own body."

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But, Dani didn't always have the confidence herself.

The influencer admitted that she used to 'hate' her body for years.

However, through practising self-love, Dani is finally able to look in the mirror and love what she sees.

In a clip that racked up thousands of views, the brunette beauty rocked a white cut-out crop top and black leggings.

She pulled her trousers down to flash her relaxed tum as she posed in the mirror.

"In this moment I realised, after years of hating my body, I can finally look in the mirror and love what I see," Dani wrote across the clip.

Dani then stared at her gorgeous reflection and caressed her lovely belly.

"I know it may seem impossible, but I once thought that, and look at me now," Dani shared in the caption to the viral video.

Inspired by Dani and her self-love declaration, many people fled to the comments to praise the beauty.

One person commented: "You're beautiful dear."

Another user added: "Love you just the way you are!"

While a third voiced: "I'm so proud of you!

"I'm grateful for the help you give me."

Someone else praised: "I can only say thank you, really thank you with all my heart.

"You gave me hope, despite continuing the recovery."

Meanwhile, a fifth expressed: "You’re beautiful."

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