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THERE’S a little-known job that pays £30,000 and you don’t need a degree to do it – but certainly not for everyone.

The average salary of an embalmer in the UK is more than £32,000, according to Glass Door.

A job like that would mean you have to deal with dead bodies every day, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Embalmers preserve and prepare bodies for burial or cremation.

This is done by introducing specialist embalming solutions into the body after someone has died, helping to give them a more peaceful and pleasant appearance, according to the Co-op’s website.

This is a common practice around the world and helps preserve the body of a loved one.

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It can help restore the person’s appearance and give them a natural expression, which can be comforting for grieving family members.

The process takes around two hours to complete, including washing and drying the hair and body of the person who has died.

The body’s natural fluids are replaced, via the arterial system, with a solution to help preserve, sanitise and improve the appearance of the person who has died.

The solution is a combination of formaldehyde, natural oils, colourants and water, which help restore the appearance of the skin.

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The embalmed body is also carefully massaged to relax muscles and joints tensed by rigor mortis.

On the upside of being an embalmer, one person wrote on Glass Door: “Helping families and job security.”

Another added: “Lots of room to move up and onward with your career in funeral service.”

A third person said: “Helping families during their darkest moments.”

On the downside though, one embalmer wrote: “Hours are long and the days are stretched.”

Another said: “Long hours and lots of standing.”

While a third added: “Long hours, little sleep and difficult to have a life outside of work.”

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