Moment cat hisses at his reflection after mistaking it for a rival

Puss off! Hilarious moment cat hisses and GROWLS at his reflection after mistaking it for a rival

  • Baby Claude, seven, was heard hissing at a possible intruder upstairs by owner
  • When she went to check he was furiously stalking a mirror, hissing and growling
  • After a brief staring contest the little cat decides not to fight his own reflection 

An angry cat hisses and growls at a potential rival, not realising the intruder is his own reflection in a mirror.

Unhappy moggy Baby Claude was overheard mewing in his owner’s home upstairs.

Thinking another animal had broken in, she ran upstairs to find the pet gearing up for a fight against a large mirror he had spotted himself in.

In the video the confused seven-year-old is seen slowly stalking the reflective surface before raising his head, spotting the ‘other animal’ and then hisses and growls several times.

Unhappy Baby Claude was caught on camera hissing at himself by his owner in Brandenberg, Germany

His relieved owner can be heard chuckling to herself as he steps down from battle.

The video on YouTube has been viewed more than 8,500 times since being uploaded earlier this week.

Baby Claude’s owner, from Brandenberg, Germany, said: ‘The other night, I was about to fetch my hand-reared, seven-year-old cat, Baby Claude, from my Mum’s room and go to bed, when I found him growling and hissing at something.

‘To my immense parental disappointment, he was antagonizing his own reflection.

‘We used to think he was the smartest of our cats. Used to.’

One person commented on the post: ‘The cat’s like ‘I’d better not mess with this guy, he looks like a tough nut’, I love it.’

Another said: ‘My cat will run into the bathroom and jump up on the sink and have conversations with the cat in the mirror.

‘It’s funny because something will happen with his brother and he will run and tattle on him to the cat in the mirror.’ 

Baby Claude did not look to impressed at his doppelganger in the mirror as he perched on a radiator to take a closer look

The seven-year-old looked relieved to see his owner arrive at the scene and stood down from the potential fight

Charity Cats Protection says cats generally do not recognise their reflection and can ‘easily’ mistake it for another.  

Behaviour manager Nicky Trevorrow, said: ‘In some cases, this can lead them to be fearful or territorial to the ‘intruder’ feline.

‘An aggressive reaction towards mirrors will be really stressful for your cat, so ideally they should not be put in this situation. You might want to consider covering up the mirrors, particularly full length ones.

‘If you need further help to try to resolve the behaviour, contact a qualified behaviourist such as a member of the Animal Behaviour and Training Council (’

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