Moment footballer strangled his girlfriend during vicious attack

Moment footballer Shaquille McDonald strangles his girlfriend telling during vicious attack before she escapes him by jumping 14ft from her top floor balcony

  • Amy Beckley was subjected to a prolonged assault by the footballer on March 4 

Chilling footage shows the moment a footballer strangled his girlfriend and wrestled her to the ground in a vicious attack after a night out.

Shaquille McDonald told his terrified victim, Amy Beckley, ‘I’m going to make you sleep’ as he flew into a jealous rage in Birmingham city centre in March this year.

The former Derby County and Birmingham City footballer took his anger and jealously out on his innocent partner after she had a conversation with a bouncer.

Ms Beckley, who works as a firefighter, was forced into a taxi while in a headlock by McDonald, who also bit her face and slapped her on the journey to her home.

The assault continued when they reached her flat, with McDonald grabbing the then-29-year-old by the throat and leaving her so scared she jumped 14ft from her top floor balcony to escape him, breaking both her arms in the process.

McDonald, who is 28, was jailed for two years and eight months last week after admitting to actual bodily harm and strangulation, the Birmingham Mail reports.

Amy Beckley was brutally attacked by her boyfriend Shaquille McDonald and repeatedly strangled after a night out

McDonald, pictured here playing for Nuneaton Town FC and who previously played for Derby County and Birmingham City, was jailed for two years and eight months

In court it was revealed that McDonald, who most recently played for non-league team Mickleover FC, had been fined in 2017 for a similar attack on a former girlfriend.

Speaking after the attack, Ms Beckley said she had only been going out with him for six weeks and during that time she had been ‘love bombed’, being showered with gifts and affection.

However, when they went on a night out to the Arcadian on March 3 this year, everything changed.

The footballer, who the single mother said has a ‘Jekyll and Hyde personality’, accused her of flirting with a bouncer who she knew from her work as a firefighter.

A jealous McDonald snatched her phone and keys calling her a ‘liar and a b****’, before ordering them a taxi to go home while his partner was in tears. 

She told Birmingham Live that while a couple did try to help, he forced her into the taxi and while inside put her in a headlock, as well as biting, scratching and slapping her.

When they got home in the early hours of the morning the attack escalated, with CCTV footage showing the moment McDonald launched himself at her. 

She said: ‘He then came out and grabbed my phone and grabbed me by the throat and dragged me in to the flat. He smashed my head into a concrete wall. That’s when I fell to the floor.’ 

She claimed the thug then dragged her inside, before throwing her onto the bed and strangling her, only stopping when she was losing consciousness, before doing it again for longer.

Amy Beckley, pictured before the attack by McDonald, said he flew into a rage after she talked to a bouncer she knew from her work as a firefighter

The then-29-year-old was subjected to a vicious and prolonged assault by her jealous boyfriend

Deep grazes on Ms Beckley’s knees after she was knocked to the ground by her partner in the attack

Hand marks left by McDonald on Ms Beckley during the attack which took place on March 4 this year

While on the bed he chillingly told her ‘I’m going to put you to sleep, there’s nothing you can do about it’, leaving Ms Beckley terrified he was going to killer her.

When he left the room, Ms Beckley rang 999 on silent but wasn’t able to speak before McDonald came back and started strangling her again, she said.

The prolonged attack continued, with McDonald strangling her until she was on the brink of losing consciousness.

She said: ‘I had four attempts trying to get my breath. I managed to get one of my feet free and used it to manoeuvre us onto the floor. 

‘I then screamed my son’s name, got up and ran through the living room and kitchen and onto the balcony as the door was not locked and jumped off the balcony.’

Her fall was broken by one of the balconies below, and she was helped inside by a Good Samaritan neighbour who had been outside having a cigarette. 

Birmingham Crown Court heard that Ms Beckley received ‘a number of significant injuries, including two fractured elbows, facial injuries and injuries to her arms and legs’ as a result of the attack and fall.

When police arrived, McDonald was heard saying ‘I’m f*****’ before attempting to run away, the court was told.

Since the attack Ms Beckley has not been able to return to her role in the fire service, while she has also been forced to leave her flat as she cannot face the terrifying memories.

McDonald, pictured here playing for Cheltenham Town, reportedly said ‘I’m f*****’ when police arrived after the attack

The footballer, pictured here playing for Cheltenham Town, told the court through his lawyer he was ‘full of regret and remorse’

McDonald was jailed for two years and eight months on Wednesday October 18 after admitting to assault occasioning actual bodily harm and non-fatal strangulation. 

But for his victim the sentence, which when taking into account time on remand means he will be out in a few months, is not long enough.

She told the Birmingham Mail: ‘I will have to live with this forever. It’s affected me massively how I review relationships. It’s really made me wary of everybody, especially men. It’s damaged my trust and completely knocked my self-confidence.’ 

In mitigation McDonald’s lawyer told the court he was ‘full of regret and remorse’ and that alcohol had ‘clouded his judgement’ on the night in question.

Sentencing him, Judge John Butterfield KC said: ‘Your family members all speak highly of you not just as talented but with capabilities of being an inspiration, although I have to say you badly need a root and branch re-examination of your attitude to females and your atrocious jealousy.’

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