Mum fears baby 'won't wake up' after being forced to move to damp-riddled flat

A MUM fears her baby girl "won't wake up one morning" after being forced to move into a damp-riddled flat.

Alivia Keighery says her new home "smells of urine" and had to mop the walls with bleach.

The 19-year-old single mum from Manchester is terrified for her 15-month-old daughter's health.

She moved into the new flat in Ashton-under-Lyne after a homeless support service told her she had to leave her previous accommodation.

But when she arrived at her new home she instantly found huge swathes of damp across the walls as well as a broken door, reports the Manchester Evening News.

She now fears for the health of her young baby daughter Ariellà-Rae as service providers Jigsaw Houses continue to flounder over the repairs.  

She told the newspaper: "I went to view Gibson Terrace and expressed that it wasn’t safe nor suitable for me and my child.

"I walked in and there was a smell of urine on the floor straight away. I've mopped the walls with bleach and I've scrubbed everywhere.

"There's damp in the room where my daughter sleeps, there's damp in the bathroom, there's a hole in the door."

Alivia also claimed that Jigsaw Homes have “shut her down” whenever concerns have been raised, adding that she has been left isolated as a result of their strict no visitor policy.

"It's just not a nice situation to be in," she said.

"I would never want another mum or baby to be in this situation. I'm fearing for her health and worried she just won't wake up one morning.

"Whenever I raise my concerns they just shut me down. I've really had enough of it.

"It's taken a massive toll on me as a person and my mental health."

"I feel like I don't have a life."

But Jigsaw homes, who have since inspected Alivia flat, have now said that the damp issues will be fixed promptly.

A spokesman for Jigsaw homes said: “We are working with our tenant to resolve the issues which we were made aware of on 10 August 2021.

"Our surveyor has attended the property and confirmed that there is evidence of damp, which we are looking to address promptly.

"As in this case, we investigate any reports of possible damp in our properties as soon as we are made aware of them. We are also scheduled to carry out a repair to the living room door. "

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