Navy officer claims he saw underwater ‘Tic Tac’ UFO off coast of Haiti

A US navy officer has revealed that he once spotted a famous ‘Tic Tac UFO’ underwater while he was operating off the coast of Haiti.

John Baughman, then operating on the USS Carl Vinson in January 2010, was left stunned when the object appeared to “collapse in on itself and disappear.”

According to reports in Medium, the gunner recollected the eerie encounter amid a string of fresh claims made about the unidentified flying objects.

He said: “I was staring into the water from above when a large, fat, white ’Tic Tac’ object, approximately twenty feet in length, suddenly appeared in my view below me, moving right and darted into the depths as fast as it appeared.

"I couldn’t really comprehend what I saw. It was definitely a solid object, but when it descended, its forward end rapidly collapsed in on itself and disappeared.”

The officer initially batted off any suggestions that the object could be from another world suggesting it could be an animal but recently decided to come forward with his story.

He said: “It’s hard to come to grips with something like this, and I still feel somewhat insecure about it because it doesn’t make sense.

“But at the same time, more data points, even as basic as my story, could help solve the mystery of whether they’re foreign adversaries playing mind games, non-human entities, or the myriad of other possibilities.”

UFOs have recently stepped from a fringe conspiracy theory to a genuine national security debate, as in June the USA admitted hundreds of mysterious encounters in the skies.

The UAP report relased by the Penatagon – which studied 144 reports of unidentified aerial phenomena, has promoted more and more people to come forward with the UFO stories from across the world.

This month, a US Navy Polit, who was present at the now govern,ent ratified 2004 sigting, revealed how his weapons system was disabled during the eerie encounter. 

The incident unfolded during a USS Nimitz carrier group exercises off the coast of Mexico.

Crew aboard the Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser USS Princeton, had been spending the past two weeks tracking mysterious aircraft on and off with an advanced AN/SPY-1B passive radar.

He said: "Once I got the target of interest on my radar I took a lock and that’s when all the kinda funky things started happening.

"The erratic nature of the tic-tac. The air speed was very telling to me.

"Then we started seeing what we call jam strobe lines.

"Strobe lines are vertical lines that show up on your radar that are indications that you are being jammed."

French warplane pilots have also reported their weapons systems being disabled during UFO encounters, according to an official investigation. 

After releasing the bombshell report last month, it appears the US Department of Defense (DoD) is preparing to set up a new unit dedicated to the strange phenomena, similar to secretive agencies in hit TV show The X-Files and movie series Men in Black.

DoD officials released a memo at the beginning of July which stated they will now seek to "formalise" the investigations of UFOS, often now referred to as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs).

UAPs are currently the main brief of the UAP Task Force, a body set up after a series of stunning leaked videos show strange encounters between the phenomena and US warplanes.

And a memo released by the DoD set out a three point plan to pull together US investigations to try and work out exactly what these mysterious objects that defy normal understanding could be.

The first point states the DoD wants to "synchronize collection, reporting and analysis" of UAPs, and to "secure" military test and training ranges.

And then next it states it wants to set aside resources and staffing to continue the probe, seemingly confirming the establishment of a formal office.

Finally, it states there must be "coordination" between all arms of the US military and the intelligence services on the issue.

What is going on with UFOs in the US?

UFOS have stepped from fringe conspiracy theories to a genuine national security debate in the US.

Pentagon officials last year took the unprecedented step to confirm a trio of remarkable videos which showed US encounters with UFOs.

The debate is still open as to what the phenomena caught on film were – but it made clear to everyone, something is in the skies.

Perhaps the most striking was a video known as the "Tic-Tac" – which showed an unidentified object being pursued by fighter planes.

The US also confirmed the existence of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) – a Pentagon programme set up to study UFOs before being disbanded in 2017.

However, it was replaced by the UAP Task Force in June 2020 after a vote by the US Senate Intelligence Committee.

Defence chiefs have since confirmed a number of leaked UFO videos and photos which were submitted to the Task Force for investigation.

Why this sudden rush for transparency?

No outside the secretive wings of the US government currently knows for sure.

And as a tacked on addendum to a 5,500 page Covid relief bill passed in December, the the Director of National Intelligence’s office was ordered to compile a report on UFOs within 180 days.

The UAP report dropped as expected on June 25, and while not giving much away – it did not rule anything out either as much of it remains classified.

The US appear to have acknowledged that UFOs – whatever they are – are real and are a potential threat to national security as they appear to be able to enter restricted airspace with total impunity.

Is it aliens? Officially the US position is simply, "we don't know yet" as further disclosure is expected in the coming months and years. 

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