North Korea fires ballistic MISSILE towards Sea of Japan as Kim Jong-un resumes weapons testing

NORTH Korea has fired missile towards the Sea of Japan, the South Korean Military said.

It follows the launch launch of an intermediate-range ballistic missile at the end of January, following several tests.

The launch of the unidentified projectile is Kim's eighth show of strength in a row, after the missile tests.

North Korea declared it was lifting a self-imposed temporary ban on nuclear and long-range missile tests. 

It comes amid a deadlock in nuclear talks with the US.

North Korea fired a Hwasong-12 intermediate range ballistic missile a month ago.

North Korea has suggested it could restart testing longer range nuclear missiles or nuclear weapons after the stalled talks to denuclearise.

Earlier this month Kim Jong-Un said he would shake the world with more tests with weapons that could reach the US.

And experts warned in January that he could DETONATE a bomb for the first time in five years to get the attention of US President Joe Biden.

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