Online sleuth uncovers crucial evidence in Gwyneth Paltrow's ski trial

Online sleuth reveals how he embarrassed Gwyneth Paltrow lawyers by easily accessing data they claimed was private, which shows ‘ski crash victim did know her identity’

  • Avid Court TV watcher Michael Fletcher was able to uncover crucial evidence in Gwyneth Paltrow’s ski crash trial and submit them to her lawyers
  • Texts confirmed plaintiff Terry Sanderson knew it was Paltrow who slammed into him in the collision which he claims left him with brain damage
  • Embarrassingly for the legal teams, Fletcher said finding the texts was extremely ‘easy’

An online sleuth has revealed how he was able to crack into a crucial piece of evidence in Gwyneth Paltrow’s ski crash trial and submit it to her lawyers. 

Michael Fletcher uncovered messages which confirmed plaintiff Terry Sanderson knew it was Paltrow involved in the collision which he claims left him with brain damage that dramatically changed his personality.

The exchange pours cold water on Sanderson’s previous assertion that he had no idea the ‘Shakespeare in Love’ actress was the other party involved at the time of the crash. 

Fletcher says he was able to infiltrate the texts in around ‘two minutes’ after hearing about their existence while watching CourtTV. 

It will no doubt cause embarrassment to Paltrow and Sanderson’s attorneys who were both unable to log in to the messages themselves.

Michael Fletcher told the court how he was able to log in to a crucial link which he then submitted to Paltrow’s legal team

The messages between plaintiff Terry Sanderson and eye witness Craig Ramon pour cold water on Sanderson’s assertion that he had no idea who Paltrow was when she hit into him

The legal team had asked Sanderson’s daughter about missing GoPro camera footage from the 2016 collision with lawyers repeatedly calling it the ‘most important piece of evidence.’

She said he had emailed her a link to his ski discussion forum on the Meetup website which was suspected to hold the footage.

Paltrow’s legal team had tried to open the link but alleged it was purposefully faulty, speculating the footage would unequivocally disprove his case.

But Fletcher worked out how to access the link by simply creating an account on the website.

From there he couldn’t find the GoPro footage but he did uncover an exchange between Sanderson and the accident’s only known eyewitness, Craig Ramon.

‘You could not make this up, Gwyneth took out Terry last week,’ Ramon wrote in the ‘Meet Up chat. 

He continued: ‘Last Saturday, her son broke his arm skiing at Park City. Gwyneth was staying at the Montage. She took her plane out of Millionaire Airport. What makes me mad is Gwyneth took out Terry and then took off.’

Ramon and Sanderson repeatedly denied knowing that it was Paltrow in the ski-suit.

The chat also made clear that Ramon believed Paltrow hit Sanderson long before the suit was filed.

Fletcher said he was stunned Paltrow’s lawyers hadn’t been able to access the messages themselves.

‘It’s comical how easy it was,’ he told Court TV.

Gwyneth Paltrow leaves Park City District Court in Park City, Utah on Tuesday, March 28th

Paltrow is being sued for more than $300,000 over the 2016 crash at the Deer Valley Resort in Utah

Paltrow looks on as the trial continued today, with her children’s ski instructor giving testimony

‘They kept repeating that it’s the most important piece of evidence, and they couldn’t figure it out. They had no idea how to open the link.’

He added: ‘Like, I can’t believe they didn’t do this already. It’s almost a joke,’ he added.

‘All I did was create a login for the website. If it’s a website that requires a login, you can’t access anything on it without a login … then the link works. It’s simple.’

Fletcher works as a tech investigator but insisted his hack required no special skill, adding he had only ‘a little common sense.’

Sanderson, 76, is suing Paltrow for more than $300,000 over the 2016 crash at the Deer Valley Resort in Utah. He initially sought $3.1 million.

Paltrow is counter-suing him for $1 claiming he crashed into her.

He claims the movie star was skiing recklessly and the incident left him with permanent brain damage and four broken ribs.

On Tuesday the trial continued and saw a ski instructor who was teaching Paltrow’s children on the day of the crash take to the stand.

Keri Oaks denied Sanderson’s claims that Paltrow left him alone after the crash without checking to see if he was ok.

‘When she was first getting up because she was very surprised and shocked, it was that he hit her,’ Oaks told the court.

‘As she got up, she checked on him, then he checked on her. I believe she was there for most of the time.’ 

Terry Sanderson, 76, claims the crash left him with permanent brain damage which dramatically altered his personality. He is pictured in court Tuesday 

Oaks also revealed that Paltrow’s children has asked her to watch them ski in the moments before the collision. 

She said: ‘Moses and Apple wanted their mom to watch them. The run was clear so we crossed the run. We crossed, made two turns and that’s when I heard the sound and looked over and I saw they had collided.’

She added: ‘It was “mommy watch me, we want you to see this.”‘

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