Paedo teacher, 24, who sexually assaulted student, 14, telling him it was ‘worth it’ is jailed for two years

A TEACHER who told a 14-year-old student it was "worth it" as she sexually assaulted him has been jailed for two years.

Monica Elizabeth Young, 24, was put in handcuffs after she pleaded guilty to three charges of aggravated sexual intercourse with the teenager.

Judge Kate Traill read parts of the victim statement written by the boy at Sydney Downing Centre District Court.

The boy said that the abuse he suffered "damaged almost every aspect of his life."

Judge Traill said that the boy was forced to leave the school after his fellow students had learned of what had happened.

The boy reported it had strained his relationship with his family, who he felt he could no longer face.

“He says the offender has ruined his dreams … ruined his school and his relationship with his family and friends, his trust in others and ruined his life,” Judge Traill said.

“He struggles to smile about anything anymore.”

Judge Traill described Young's actions as an “egregious” breach of his trust, commenting she “must have” known he was underage when she began a sexual relationship with him soon after coming to work at his school.

Young was accused of bombarding the teen with Snapchat messages which said she was "waiting for him" while begging him to send X-rated photos.

He struggles to smile about anything anymore.

Judge Traill on Wednesday afternoon sentenced Young to four years and nine months in jail with a non-parole period of two years and five months.

She sent him pictures of her breasts and vagina, before initiating sexual contact in a classroom during a lunch break.

The Sydney teacher was initially charged with 10 offences including multiple counts of aggravated sexual intercourse of a child aged 14-16 after being arrested on July 10 last year.

Investigators previously said she was charged with assaulting the boy on five separate occasions – including at school and in her car.

The court heard that before meeting him for sex, she sent her victim a text saying: “It’s dangerous if we get caught but if you do it will be worth it”.

The court was also told how she sent pictures of herself along with suggestive messages including one of her lying in bed with the caption “I’m waiting for you.”

It was previously alleged a piece of CCTV evidence showed Young’s hands moving to the boy’s groin.

In the footage, she also allegedly places the teenager’s hands inside her tights.

Her lawyers previously described the CCTV evidence as being “exaggerated”.

The victim’s mother contacted the school, and the principal then initiated a Department of Education investigation.

“Not only did the offender encourage the victim to touch her sexually, she also visibly assisted him,” Judge Traill said.

“She did so in circumstances in which she was his teacher and must have recognised his sexual immaturity … The trust that parents place in teachers to protect their children was breached egregiously on numerous occasions.

“The offender preyed on the vulnerability of the victim as a child and a student.”

Young will be eligible for release on parole in October 2023.

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