Playboy model, 31, caught with huge cocaine stash hidden under car seat claims she was FRAMED

A PLAYBOY model, 31, who was caught with a huge amount of cocaine hidden under her car seat claims she was framed.

Greek model Afroditi Barba was found with 35 packages of cocaine in her car when she was stopped by police during a routine traffic stop in Glyfada, Athens.

The stunning 31-year-old mum-of-one, known for appearing on the second series of Greece's Next Top Model, was driving her black Range Rover on the evening of August 21.

Cops decided to search the vehicle after they noticed the model's behaviour was suspicious and eventually discovered the packages of cocaine under the driver's seat.

According to local media, the model's car was seized and she was detained at Glyfada Police Station for drug trafficking.

As the cocaine was reportedly split into 35 separate nylon packaging bags, the police believe they were intended for sale.

However, the model claimed that she did not know anything about the drugs, adding that she had been set up by ''hostile parties'' to damage her career, according to her lawyer, Andreas Theodoropoulos, reports To Vima.

Meanwhile, the police said in a statement: ''After signalling the driver to stop, she seemed very worried and panicked. Her behaviour was deemed particularly suspicious so we decided to search the vehicle.

"During the check, the driver called an unknown person and seemed very worried and confused. When we asked her if she had anything illegal on her person or in the car, she answered in the negative.

''We then searched the vehicle and located a plastic bag containing 35 identical nylon packages with a total gross weight of 33.1 grammes, possibly cocaine, hidden under the driver's seat.

''As soon as the driver realised we found the drugs, she lost her temper and said ‘what are these? Drugs? You put them on me’ and at the same time, while talking on the phone, she said to the unknown person ‘get a lawyer’.

''We directly asked her to hang up the phone and we brought her with us (to the station).

''When we asked her about her work, she replied that she works as a model, and she apologised to us for accusing us (of planting the drugs).”


The model’s mother, name not reported, told local media: ''My daughter is innocent, she was set up.

''She has never even used it (cocaine). She is the mother of a small child and would not knowingly get involved in such a situation.''

Through her lawyer, Barba said that she had been receiving threats recently, adding: ''This whole case has been fabricated by a hostile party. Several people wanted my client to have this accusation against her and as such, there have been warning messages against her for a month and a half that threatened to destroy her and her child’s lives.''

The investigation continues.

Barba is expected to present her defence on Thursday.

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