Playful whales push paddleboarder through the water in breathtaking snaps

TWO playful whales give a paddleboarder a helping hand as they push her through the water.

The Southern right whales circled her board and gently nudged it with their fins while swimming underneath it in Puerto Madryn, Argentina.

A drone photographer shot the encounter as the migration season began on the South American coast.

Last month we told how lucky whale watchers got up close and personal with a gigantic humpback as it jumped out of the water right in front of their boat.

The humongous sea creature appeared just in time for the excited tourists to snap a picture before it disappeared back into the ocean near Bondi, New South Wales, Australia.

In Hawaii a friendly whale appeared to wave to a ship full of people when it breached right next to where they were anchored.

Nature lovers on a boat tour in Laguna Oja de Liebre in Guerrero Negro, Mexico had an extremely close encounter with a group of grey whales and their babies.

The playful mammals pushed their boat around while the shocked passengers tried to take selfies during the rare moment.

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