Rappers Young Thug and Gunna Post Bail for Low-Level Drug Offenders

Atlanta’s own Young Thug and Gunna are putting their money and clout where their mouths are by posting bond for 30 inmates at the Fulton County Jail.

With the police continually caught on video brutalizing Black and brown Americans, particularly in Atlanta, it is refreshing to see these two successful hip-hop superstars helping families reunite due to the fact that they didn’t have money. 

“This is where we are from,” said Young Thug, better known as Jeffrey Williams. “We just woke up and went to the jail with the lawyer and, you know, DA’s [district attorneys] and the prosecutors, you know, the bonding companies and just got as many people as we can out.”

YSL Records, which serves as home to Young Thug and Gunna, doubled down on the moment by releasing an exclusive video of dozens of inmates being embraced by family after exiting the Fulton jail, including an emotional reunion between a father and son. “You never know what somebody been through,” said Sergio Kitchens, also known as Gunna.


“There [were] was people sitting out three or four years and couldn’t get out on a bond. If they did the crime, then they can do the time, then it’s all right. But it’s like you’re giving them a bond higher than what they stole.”

In Fulton County Jail, at one time there were up to 2,900 inmates inside, bringing the correctional facilities to an overcrowded capacity of 400 people plus. “This is some of the worst conditions I’ve ever seen,” councilman Michael Bond told Channel 2 at the time. Upon completing the releases, the families were then provided a home-cooked meal and went on home to enjoy their newly received freedom. 

“It feels so good to the point where you start feeling that’s why God put me here. He put me here to do this,” Williams said.

The rappers didn’t disclose how much money they spent but told Seiden this will not be a one time thing. In addition to that, the inmates will be featured in a brand new music video.

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