Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski spent at least a portion of the offseason watching his brothers get beat up by a YouTuber. Gronkowski served as a referee as four of his brothers boxed against YouTube personality turned boxer Logan Paul.

Paul — who will box Floyd Mayweather in June — completely outclassed each of the four Gronkowski brothers during the bout. 


Paul took on a different Gronkowski brother in each round. He faced Glenn in the first, Chris in the second, Dan in the third and Gordie in the fourth. None of the Gronkowski's performed particularly well, and it didn't even look like Paul was going full speed. Rob Gronkowski seemed to notice this, and quickly broke up fights when it became clear Paul had the upper hand.

Following the bout, Rob Gronkowski said he was entertained. He gave credit to his brothers for getting into the ring against Paul, who has been training as a boxer for months.

Logan Paul will take on Floyd Mayweather in June

Paul's boxing skills will be tested June 6 against Mayweather. After losing to fellow YouTuber KSI in 2019, Paul is taking a major step up with Mayweather, who is considered one of the best boxers of all-time.

Paul and is brother, Jake, have both gotten into boxing in recent years. While Logan will take on Mayweather, Jake is the more accomplished fighter thus far. He's defeated YouTuber AnEsonGib, former NBA player Nate Robinson and UFC fighter Ben Askren. 

There are rumors Mayweather could take on Jake following the bout against Logan. Jake has already planted seeds of a rivalry by stealing Mayweather's hat at a pre-fight event.

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