Roseanne Boyland, who died in Capitol riot, quit drugs only to spiral into QAnon

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Rosanne Boyland had been busted for drugs over and over. Finally, she stepped up and got clean. She even wanted to be a sobriety counselor.

But she changed in other ways, too. She turned conservative. She bought into the conspiracy cult QAnon and she refused to believe Joe Biden defeated President Trump.

And her denial of Biden’s victory is what ultimately led to her death Wednesday, caught in the siege at the Capitol, her family told the Associated Press. She was one of three rioters who died of medical emergencies. A woman was fatally shot and a police officer was killed.

“It cost her her life,” her sister, Lonna Cave, said.

Boyland, 34, of Kennesaw, Georgia, had sworn to her family that she wasn’t going to get caught up in anything violent. Cave pleaded with her not to make the trip to Washington.

“She promised me, ‘I’m going to stand on the sidelines. I’m just going to show my support,’” Cave said Friday outside her suburban Atlanta home.

The sisters fought about politics and QAnon, which contends e-retailer Wayfair is part of a secret cabal of child-sex traffickers. She glommed on to other conspiracy theories.

“It just spiraled,” said Cave, 39.

Boyland was a staunch Trump supporter, posting photos and videos of the president and posting wild allegations, including one that the pandemic was just a way to steal the November election.

Her last Twitter post was Wednesday, before Trump urged his supporters to march to the Capitol, where lawmakers were debating the Electoral College outcome. She retweeted a picture of thousands surrounding the Washington Monument.

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