Rudy Giuliani ‘pelted with eggs and called “f**king scum”’ by protesters during pro-Trump caravan in NYC

RUDY Giuliani and a caravan of Trump supporters were “pelted with eggs” and called “f**king scum” during wild scenes in New York City.

Reporters with ScooterCaster, a small newswire service, posted videos showing Black Lives Matter protesters throw eggs and scream profanity at a caravan of Donald Trump supporters in Manhattan.

“F**k you Rudy,” one man shouted at Giuliani.

Another man yelled: “You f**king coward, go back to f**king Long Island.”

Footage also showed a protester rip a Blue Lives Matter flag displayed on one of the cars in the caravan and throw it into the street.

Giuliani, with his window down, was seen calling out to a “Lieutenant” with the NYPD, who walks over and corrects him before the two briefly speak.

“I’m a sergeant,” the cop said in the video.

The SUV then pulls away as protesters continue to shout: “F** you, Rudy. You f**king piece of s**t.”

One of the cars in the caravan appeared to stop as a man shouted at protesters from a sunroof before the driver was directed by police to continue driving.

Another video posted by the NYC Scanner account on Twitter shows a man tossing eggs at the caravan as it traveled down the Prospect Park Expressway in Brooklyn.

“I got a bunch of these, baby. Got a bunch of them. I can do this all f**king day. All f**king day, little s**theads,” the man said as he continued throwing eggs.

Officers with the NYPD responded when anti-fascist demonstrators and Trump supporters clashed in Times Square.

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NYPD officers conducting crowd control measures arrested five men and two women when the dispute turned physical, cops said.

Charges against the suspects are still pending, cops said.

No service personnel was injured during the confrontation, cops said.

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