Russia's state TV warns nuclear war is 'probable' and 'we all die someday'

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Russian state TV has said the possibility of nuclear war is more likely than Vladimir Putin losing the conflict he started in Ukraine.

Margarita Simonyan, editor of broadcaster RT and one of the most highly paid Kremlin mouthpieces, made the chilling prediction last night.

Speaking with a panel of nervous looking experts on TV, she said: ‘Either we lose in Ukraine, or the Third World War starts.

‘I think World War Three is more realistic, knowing us, knowing our leader. The most incredible outcome, that all this will end with a nuclear strike, seems more probable to me than the other course of events.

‘This is to my horror on one hand. But on the other hand, it is what it is. We will go to heaven, while they will simply croak. We’re all going to die someday.’

It follows other threats of nuclear war from fellow propagandist Vladimir Solovyov, foreign minister Sergei Lavrov, and Putin himself over the past few days.

The US and UK have dismissed such rhetoric as sabre rattling, but the increasing frequency of them offers a bleak outlook of how the world is being shaped by Ukraine’s invasion.

It comes after Russia announced plans to deploy its ultra advanced Sarmat intercontinental missile – nicknamed ‘Satan II’ in the West.

The weapon is capable of being armed with multiple nuclear warheads and can target multiple locations at once.

It is said to be 3,000 times as powerful as the bomb that wiped out Hiroshima and was successfully tested by Russia last week.

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