Tragedy once again struck the ship Patricia Lee Tuesday on Deadliest Catch. Eight months after deckhand Todd Kochutin was injured and died on the same boat and one week after deckhand Francis Katungin was crushed by a crab pot and required a harrowing helicopter evacuation in the middle of a storm, another crew member required emergency medical attention.

After being delayed almost a week following Katungin’s injury, the boat added Devon Davis to the crew. Prior to embarking on another fishing trip, Carlton told everyone, “This is our redemption trip. We're gonna try to get through a trip without anything happening. Most important thing is just safety, right? Devon, it’s your first time on the boat, don’t get hurt.”

Unfortunately, Davis did get hurt. He was last seen on camera holding some type of chain and then can be seen collapsing. As deckhands attempted to revive the unconscious fisherman, someone radioed Carlton in the wheelhouse and claimed that David had been struck in the head by something and had blood leaking out of his mouth.

Oh dear Lord. Did we just witness somebody receive a death blow? Yikes. #DeadliestCatch

— Secondwind814 (@Secondwind814) May 25, 2022

Fans of the show were worried they had witnessed a fatal blow, and since the episode ended with the injury, viewers were left just as confused as the captain. The final line from the episode was Carlton saying, “I have no idea what’s going on right now.”

Deadliest Catch airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Discovery and is streaming on Discovery+.

Watch as Coast Guard helicopter crew braves vicious storm to rescue ‘Deadliest Catch’ fisherman:

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