Sisters stab paedo dad after he 'raped them & forced them to dig own graves'

THREE teenage sisters who stabbed their father to death were sexually abused to make pornography and forced to “dig their own graves,” according to new evidence. 

Alleged new proof of the “evil sex abuser” provided to the Russian Court, could decide whether Krestina, Angelina and Maria Khachaturyan are cleared of their dad’s 2018 murder.

Using his own hunting knife as the weapon, the girls, then 19, 18 and 17, admitted to murdering their dad, claiming they had suffered years of appalling abuse and "systematic torture".

The bloodied body of Mikhail Khachaturyan, 57, was found with “dozens” of stab wounds near the lift in the family’s block of flats.

The two older sisters are facing murder charges while the younger Maria was found mentally unfit to stand trial.

But now, the Russian Investigative Committee has added distribution of pornography to the charges to be posthumously levelled at their father, already accused of sex abuse, beatings and paedophilia.

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It came after findings last year discovered that the sisters were suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) at the time of the killing and were in an “unstable” psychological state.

Lawyer Mari Davtyan said that the father had shot at the girls using a non-lethal gun, which gave them reason to fear for their lives given he also owned more powerful weapons. 

“They had no shadow of  doubt that he would shoot – first of all because he had done it,” she said. 

“He shot at the girls just for fun. He checked his traumatic gun by shooting into the leg [of his daughter] just for a joke.

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“He drove them out to dig graves for themselves in the woods. 

“They absolutely believed that this [threat to kill them] was real.”

The new evidence also indicated that the father made and sent pornographic videos involving his daughters in the lead to his death.

It came as post-mortem analysis submitted as court evidence found the father was a child sex attacker with “a tendency to aggression” who had "special sexual preferences aimed at his own daughters”.

He made repeated death threats to the girls if they failed to succumb to his demands, and the sisters believed he would kill them, according to the report  from the Serbsky Institute of Psychological, Psychiatric and Medical Examinations.


Davtyan, lawyer of Angelina, said: “The examinations confirmed the father's violence against his daughters.

“The experts found that each of the girls since 2014 suffered from abuse syndrome and post-traumatic stress disorder – all of these conditions have a direct causal relationship to Khachaturian's actions.”

The report found the abusive father manipulated his daughters with threats, violence, humiliation, as well as used “beatings, mocking them, and physical and sexual abuse”. 

The girls had no other relatives who could stop the nightmare they faced, it was established. 

The three are now set to argue in court that they acted out of necessary self-defence with hope they will be cleared.

Other family members have accused the sisters of lying about their father’s sexual abuse, and seeking his money by killing him.

While a lawyer acting for the dead father, Olga Khalikova, said she would dispute the new claims as "there were no biological traces confirming the sexual abuse of girls."

She claimed the girls had access to their father’s mobile, and may have sent the alleged sexually explicit film.

“The duty of the investigation was to prove that it was Mikhail who sent this video, but this was not done," she added.

If convicted, two of the three sisters, Krestina and Angelina Khachaturyan, could be jailed for between eight and 20 years.

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In 2019 the former Russian presidential candidate Ksenia Sobchak said it would be a "disgrace to Russian justice" if the sisters were imprisoned.

The girls were the victims of a father with proven “serious mental problems," she said.

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