Sniffer dogs being used to detect Covid show they truly are a man's best friend

Sniff of freedom

WITH every passing day, the prospects of any delay to the final stage of the UK’s roadmap for unlocking recede further.

Health Security Agency chief Dr Jenny Harries says June 21 is “looking good” for more freedoms, with the bug’s Indian variant less potent than feared.

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Weekly Covid deaths are down 43 per cent, while yesterday saw the 60million vaccine landmark passed in style, with a whopping 762,361 daily jabs reported, the second-highest tally yet.

But while vaccines are the big gun in our arsenal, we must continue to use every other weapon at our disposal, from surge testing to the public’s continued restraint and common sense.

Extra help is at hand, with the gladdening news that sniffer dogs can be used to identify even asymptomatic Covid sufferers with 94 per cent accuracy.

They truly are man’s best friend.

Money boiler

IS the Government taking its policy cues from Extinction Rebellion’s loons?

The UK’s ambitious eco-targets are laudable but The Sun has long argued that green measures work best when the public are gently coaxed into them.

The idea of fining households for not switching to more efficient home boilers hardly falls into that camp.

Buying an eco-friendly £10,000 heat pump would be ruinously expensive for many families — if not flat-out unaffordable. Savings on fuel bills that won’t pay off for years are scant consolation.

Ministers must return to dangling the carrot of subsidies, and put away the stick.

Nul and void

WHAT a joy to have Eurovision back, with its cheesy songs and zany routines the perfect antidote to 14 months of gloom.

Even the now habitual shunning of the UK entry couldn’t help but raise a smile, not least from our man James Newman, whose cheery response to his undeserved nul points did him credit.

We can afford to just enjoy the spectacle, secure in the knowledge that in the real world, our nation’s musical talent is more than a match for anyone’s.

Italy and France’s finest trying to compete with the Rolling Stones, Adele and Ed Sheeran? Now that would be pointless.

Something blue

HEARTY congratulations to Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds, who are set to hold their wedding celebrations next summer.

It means Boris will become the first serving PM in 200 years to marry, in what will no doubt be a bumper year for weddings across the country.

Just a quick reminder to guests: on this one occasion, we’d advise steering clear of John Lewis for the wedding gifts.

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