Spice-crazed burglar broke into a home then raped mother and daughter

Spice-crazed burglar who broke into a home then raped a mother and her 14-year-old daughter while forcing them each to watch five days after he was freed early from jail is locked up for life

  • Joshua Carney, 28, was jailed for life after brutally raping a mother and daughter
  • The career criminal broke into the home five days after being released from jail
  • Carney forced the pair to watch as he took turns assaulting them in a bedroom
  • The victims were left traumatised and feel like they cannot return to their home

A career criminal and ‘sadistic’ sex fiend was jailed for life after breaking into a home and brutally raping a mother and her 14-year-old daughter while high on the drug Spice.

Joshua Carney, 28, was freed on licence from prison just five days earlier when he barged into a South Wales home in early March to carry out the ‘grave, humiliating and degrading’ sex attacks.

The mother and daughter were strangers to Carney and feared for their lives as they were forced to watch as he took turns to rape them in an upstairs bedroom.

The schoolgirl victim had to take the morning after pill and anti HIV medication and now sleeps with a hammer under her bed, a court was told.

The mother said she was left haunted by the sight of her daughter’s white knuckles as she gripped her hand throughout the horrific rape.

After being treated in hospital the victims were unable to return to the home where they had lived for many years.

Carney was sentenced to life imprisonment in Cardiff Crown Court on Monday after he being convicted of 13 charges including rape, attempted rape, actual bodily harm and theft. The judge recommended he not be considered for parole for 10 years. 

He initially denied wrongdoing, but later pleaded guilty to six counts of rape, one count of attempted rape and two counts of assault by penetration.

He further admitted two counts of causing actual bodily harm, committing an offence with intent to commit a sexual offence, namely theft of the daughter’s mobile phone.

The convicted rapist was also ordered to register as a sex offender for life. 

Joshua Carney, 28, was jailed for life after breaking into a home and brutally raping a mother and her 14-year-old daughter while high on the drug Spice

Carney, of Rhymney, Cardiff, launched his attack five days after being released from jail. He was incarcerated for eight years in 2018 at Cardiff Crown Court for a series of burglaries and released early on licence on April 25. He has 47 previous convictions.

The mother was getting ready for work at 6.30am and her daughter was asleep upstairs when Carney turned up at their home in Cardiff, on March 1, 2022.

‘The woman heard someone trying her door and when she opened it knew straight away she was in danger,’ Prosecutor Ieuan Bennett said.

‘Carney was barefoot, there was blood along from his heels, and he said to her: “‘Excuse me love, can you phone me a taxi, my phone is dead?”

‘She tried to slam the door on him but he was too strong for her and barged into her kitchen. He locked the door behind him, trapping the mother and daughter in their own home.’

Carney repeatedly punched the woman in the face before raping her in her living room.

‘The defendant told the victim “stop f****** screaming or I am going to stab you.” Bennett told the court.

‘She at that point didn’t know if the defendant was armed or not and became very concerned she and her daughter were going to end up seriously injured, if not killed, by the defendant.’

The noise woke her teenage daughter upstairs. The girl dialled 999 to say her mother was being attacked before locking her bedroom door to keep Carney out.

Bearded and dishevelled Carney, then forced the mother upstairs and told her to get her daughter to open her bedroom door. The defendant snatched the younger victim’s phone and realised she must have called police.

He was naked as he dragged the pair into the mother’s bedroom where he slapped the teenager, a virgin, across the face and ordered her to undress.

Mr Bennett said: ‘The mother told Carney: “Do what you want to me, but please leave her alone.”

‘But he told the girl’s mother: “Watch me, look at what I’m doing to her,” and said he was going to punish her for calling the police,’ the prosecutor added.

He then raped both of them in the mother’s room, and also violently sexually assaulted the girl. 

‘She held on to her daughter’s hand and she was lying there being raped in front of her mother,’ Mr Bennett told the court.

‘The mother remembers the sight of her daughter’s white knuckles as she gripped onto her hand in pain.’

Cardiff Crown Court heard the mother told police Carney ‘robbed her daughter of her childhood and ruined her life forever’

The court heard the mother was left feeling guilty for telling her daughter to open her ‘flimsy’ bedroom door but she feared being stabbed by the intoxicated intruder.

As he got dressed Carney and his victims saw blue flashing lights of police cars arriving at the terraced house in the Cardiff suburb.

Fearing they might end up in a hostage situation, the mother cleverly ushered her attacker into the rear garden but rattled a key to let police know he was about to escape.

Mr Bennett said: ‘As two uniformed officers entered the garden she mouthed at them: “Please take him, I beg you – he raped us both.”

Carney told the police he had taken the drug Spice and told them his name was ‘Josh’. He was taken to hospital and told police he had no memory of the incident.

Whilst in custody, he told officers: ‘Those f****** little sluts probably called me into their house.’

He later said: ‘When will the swabs be coming back because my memory is starting to come back? I’m innocent so obviously it’s going to be proved.’

In statements read to the court, the two victims said they had been plagued by nightmares and lack of sleep and had been forced to leave their home and neighbourhood in the wake of the attack.

Cardiff Crown Court heard the mother told police Carney ‘robbed her daughter of her childhood and ruined her life forever.’

‘I was a strong, independent woman with a lovely home. We no longer felt safe there,’ the mother said.

‘I had to take eight weeks off work after the attack and I now suffer from panic attacks, recurring nightmares and flashbacks. I’ve lost two stone in weight since the attack.

‘I will never be able to erase from my memories the images of what he did to my daughter and what he forced me to watch him doing. It’s every parent’s job to protect their children and I was unable to do that.’

The teenage girl told police: ‘In the days after the attack my biggest fears were becoming pregnant or catching a disease.

‘All I really want is normality again but I now sleep with a hammer in my bedroom.’

Judge Tracey Lloyd-Clarke praised the mother and daughter for attending the sentencing hearing to see Carney locked up.

Christopher Rees, defending said Carney was ‘wracked with guilt and disgust’ and wakes up every day wanting to kill himself.

‘No words will ever undo the terrible crimes he’s committed,’ he told the court.

The judge, while issuing his sentence, told Carney: ‘Your overall offending lasted for about 15 minutes but it was repeated and sustained violence and threats of violence, the daughter was particularly vulnerable because of her youth.

‘The attack was deliberately sadistic and no doubt done to satisfy your perverted sexual desires and your abusive sexual remarks are indicative of your attitude – one of the rapes was punishment for phoning the police. 

Judge Lloyd-Clarke acknowledged Carney was under the influence of drugs, but remarked his actions such as locking the front door and taking the daughters phone indicated ‘you were very much in control of what you were doing and your actions were thought through.’

‘Your offending was horrific – the stuff of nightmares. You told the daughter that one of the rapes was punishment for phoning the police. These were deliberate and sadistic acts to satisfy your sexual perversions.

‘You pose a high risk of harm to adult women and young females. A sentence of life imprisonment is required.’

Detective Constable Ian Booker from South Wales Police, said after the case: ‘Stranger attacks such as these are extremely unusual in South Wales but, in Joshua Carney, we had an extremely dangerous individual.

‘Everyone has the right to feel safe in their own home and our immediate response on March 1 meant Carney was arrested at the scene of this awful incident.’

‘This sickening incident is every woman’s worst nightmare and understandably both females have suffered severe shock and emotional trauma.

‘It must have been absolutely terrifying for them and they have been extremely brave throughout this ordeal.

‘We hope today’s sentencing brings some sense of closure and allows them to begin the process of regaining their confidence.’

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