Stalker Gemma Proud spared jail after targeting ex-husband

Stalker divorcee, 37, who setup fake Facebook accounts to accuse her ex-husband of being a ‘wife beater’ and claim his firm had rats during ‘worst 12 months’ of his life is spared jail

  • Gemma Proud sent abusive messages to her ex-husband, his mother and friends
  • She made a series of false claims against her former partner, often while drunk 
  • Newcastle Crown Court heard Proud admitted stalking her ex at an early stage 
  • She was handed a suspended jail term and a three-month nighttime curfew

A stalker who subjected her ex husband to a campaign of harassment which included writing on his business’ Facebook page that a rat was on the premises has kept her freedom.

Gemma Proud struggled to accept the break up last year and went on to send a series of false messages to her former partner – as well as to his mother, friends and work associates over a four month period.

Newcastle Crown Court heard that the 37-year-old also created a number of fake Facebook profiles from which she posted accusations of him of having affairs and being a ‘wife beater.’

Gemma Proud, 37, from Tyneside, pictured outside South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court, pleaded guilty to stalking her ex husband and subjecting him to a campaign of harassment over the course of several months

Proud, 37, was sentenced to four months in prison but this was suspended for 18 months. She was also handed a three-year restraining order and a three-month nighttime curfew

Claire Anderson, prosecuting, told the court: ‘The complainant was married to the defendant for a period of two-and-a-half years but had separated in June 2020 when the defendant accused him of attacking her which was later left as a no further action from the police.

‘She would contact his mother, friends, customers and employees often being drunk.’

The court heard how the complainant’s mother, who was at the time acting as a intermediary between the couple, had eventually cut contact from Proud, also known as Rowe, due to the abusive messages she was receiving from her.

Ms Anderson added: ‘On June 14 he contacted the police as the defendant had posted messages on his business’ Facebook page saying he was charged with domestic abuse.

‘On the 16th of August the defendant again commented on the business’ Facebook page saying there was a rat on the food premises.’

Proud also claimed that she had been given food poisoning by a meal she had eaten from the business.

The court heard how Proud had messaged the complainant’s friends’ partners telling them they were being cheated on, as well as contacting a local football team his business sponsored saying he was an ex prisoner.

There was no suggestion in court that there was any truth in Proud’s claims.

Proud, of Bede Walk, Hebburn, admitted one count of stalking at South Tyneside Magistrates Court at an earlier hearing.

A victim personal statement was read out in court which said the man had been through the ‘worst 12 months’ of his life, but wanted Proud to be given another chance.

Judge Robert Spragg told her: ‘You are 37 and have no previous convictions.

‘You contacted his mother, family, friends, employees and were often drunk.

‘Eventually his mother, after a barrage of abuse, stopped acting as an intermediator.

‘To your credit, you pleaded guilty at the Magistrates Court.

‘He said he provided an extremely fair victim personal statement saying that alcohol destroys lives.

‘In your defence he says you did ask for help from your doctor which was refused.’

The Judge sentenced Proud to four months imprisonment, suspended for 18 months.

He also imposed a three year restraining order as well as a three month night-time curfew.

Sam Faulks, mitigating, said: ‘When life throws people curveballs people who are resilient can deal with it in a resilient way.

‘This defendant at that time was not resilient so when she started having problems in her marriage the consequences of that was what we have seen before

us today.

‘This is a case where the parties appear to have moved on and are beginning to heal.

‘One of the most significant features of this case is her willingness to rid herself of her alcohol addiction.’

Proud was also ordered to complete an alcohol addiction requirement programme for 12 months and must participate in 25 days of rehabilitation requirements.

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