Tales of Cuomo’s toxic work environment go back to AG days

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Gov. Cuomo created a toxic work environment that dates back at least to his time as state attorney general — and includes rages that can last for days, former aides and associates said Thursday.

Cuomo once chewed out an aide so harshly that “he made her cry,” a source familiar with the incident recalled. “Young people work for him thinking they will rise up with him. Older people are stuck because they need a job and benefits.’’ 

Back when he was AG from 2007 through 2010, Cuomo viciously teed off on a veteran State Police investigator in his 60s who accidentally mispronounced his name as “Como,” according to a source familiar with that incident. 

“What’s my name?” Cuomo thundered in front of a group of people. “How do you pronounce it? Spell it!”

In addition to berating the cop, Cuomo transferred him out of his security detail.

During his 2018 gubernatorial re-election campaign, an insider recalled, Cuomo apparently became “livid” just because his Republican challenger, Marc Molinaro, suddenly appeared at the Manhattan’s Columbus Day Parade and shook his hand.

A Cuomo spokesman said the governor “had a great time at the parade.”

“‎Many of us have been here for years and others have left and come back,“ senior adviser Rich Azzopardi said in a statement. “This job isn’t for everyone but we work hard every day to deliver for New Yorkers, and from a $15 minimum wage, to the strongest gun safety laws in the nation to free public college tuition we’ve cut through the red tape and delivered for New York.”

Meanwhile, the recent allegation by Assemblyman Ron Kim (D-Queens) that Cuomo threatened to “destroy” him isn’t the first time the governor has engaged in that sort of intimidation, according to a source who formerly worked with him.

About five years ago, the source said, he heard Cuomo bellowing into a phone, “I will destroy you!”

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