Many people have the belief that celebrities either studied acting or instantly transformed from college into the limelight. This actually doesn’t seem right as we have a handful of stars that went to college with something way far from acting.

With this in mind, we will examine top celebrities who have the most unexpected degrees.

  1.       Name: Mayim Bialik

Field: Neuroscience

She is famous for her role in that award-winning comedy series Big bang Theory. It turns out she is a bookworm in real life as well. She is a Ph.D. holder, and her field is Neuroscience from the Los Angeles University of California. Her primary field is OCD.

    1.       Name: Natalie Portman

Field: Psychology

Why do you think Portman was not in the Star Wars? Will you believe that it was preparation for her high school exams? To her credit, she has two distinct papers published in Scientific Journals, even when she was studying in high school. She completed her degrees in psychology at Harvard University.

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  1.       Name: Carrie Underwood

Field: Mass Communications

Famous for her passion for country music, she is a product of Northeastern University. She majored in mass communication and finished her bachelor’s degree successfully. According to Carrie, she would have gone for TV news as an alternative career path if she had not become one of the famous American idols.

  1.       Name: Rashida Jones

Field: Comparative Religion

This is also one of the stars from Harvard that wished to become a lawyer. The OJ Simpson’s trial, however, made her changed her mind.

According to her, the trial adjusted her impression of the Justice system. Because of this, she realized that even with tons of evidence against someone, one could be acquitted with a strong defense team. Even though she completed her studies in comparative religion, she majored in TV series.

  1.       Name: John Legend

Field: English

A product of the University of Pennsylvania, John is a well-known Musician who majored in English. While in college, he was part of the choir and a member of the Acappella team. He not only performed at musicals but wrote his songs.

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Legend affirmed that he invested a lot, which helped him develop as an artist and a performer. After finishing school, he got a job with a consulting firm but quit after he discovered that he was really interested in music.

  1.       Name: Eva Longoria

Field: Kinesiology

Many people only know Eva for her role as one of the stars in the Desperate Housewives. She is, however, a graduate of Texas A&M University-Kingsville, with a degree in Kinesiology.


There are many celebrities with unexpected degrees. Many of them never planned to become a TV star. But we are glad they followed their passion for making the world a bit lively.

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