This is the exact nail polish Margot Robbie wore to film the high heel foot scene in Barbie

Unless you’ve been avoiding the internet, you might have noticed that the Barbie movie came out this weekend, and it’s all anyone can talk about.

In the lead up to the film’s release, several clips have been making the rounds, but few have gained as much attention as that shoe scene, where Margot Robbie steps out of her heels and maintains the doll’s signature tip toe stance.

The clip went viral, with celebs everywhere attempting to recreate the now iconic scene that sees Margot’s Barbie step out of her pink heels with her feet remaining in a perfect arch – a scene that turns out to be integral to the movie's plot.

The actress revealed she did the scene herself in just eight takes, using double sided tape to keep her shoes in place and holding onto a bar to keep her feet in the right position.

As Barbie’s feet are revealed, she of course has a perfect pink pedicure, and now you can recreate her classic nail look at home, after the movie’s hair and makeup artist Ivana Primorac revealed the exact polish used for Barbie’s pedi.

Speaking toGlamour, Ivana explained that, as Barbie’s pointed feet are a major part of the movie’s plot, it was important to get the look exactly right. In the film, Barbie’s feet suddenly go flat which triggers the events of the film, meaning getting Margot’s feet looking perfect was integral to setting up the rest of the film.

To create the perfect, doll-like finish, Ivana used body makeup to create a smooth, even looking skin tone for Margot, which she custom designed for Margot to make her skin look naturally flawless, rather than plastic.

She also maintained a strict skincare regimen for the actress, with plenty of exfoliation and moisturiser to help create a smooth base for the makeup to be applied to, just like you would with your face.

Ivana said: “The skin matches all over, it's not plastic necessarily, but it's all nicely finished. The elbows, knees, and heels—those clunky things like the soles of your feet, when they get a bit dry and dirty—dolls don't have that. So we paid extra attention to that, rather than making any of our cast members look plastic and fake.”

The finishing touch was Barbie’s pedicure, with Ivana using Glossify nail varnish in shade Naked, £12.99 here, which has of course since sold out.

However, there are plenty of similar shades available to help you nail the perfect pink pedicure for summer, including Nails Inc Glow With The Flow Nail Perfector Polish, £9 here, or Essie Topless and Barefoot, £8.99 here, both of which have a similar beige-toned pink that makes your toenails look naturally polished, just like Barbie’s. Now we just need to start practicing our perfect tippy-toe position.