KYIV (Reuters) – President Volodymyr Zelenskiy posted a video on Instagram from his office on Thursday to reassure Ukrainians that he is well after what he said was a fake news report about his health by Russian hackers.

Zelenskiy, 44, made his remarks on the same day as the Kremlin dismissed what it said were false reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin was unwell.

His Instagram post appeared after a Ukrainian media company said hackers had broadcast a false report about Zelenskiy's health on one of its radio stations following a cyberattack.

"Today, Russia launched more fake news that the (Ukrainian) state is not controlled by President Zelenskiy as he is in hospital, or rather, in intensive care because of a 'serious health condition'," Zelenskiy said.

"So, here I am in my office, and I have never felt as good as now," he said, sitting as a desk and wearing a khaki t-shirt. "And the bad news for those behind such fakes is that I am not alone. There are 40 million of us (Ukrainians)."

In an apparent dig at Putin's age, he said: "And with all due respect to old age, 44 is not (almost) 70."

Russia, which invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24, did not immediately comment on Zelenskiy's remarks.

(Reporting by Nataia Zinets, Editing by Timothy Heritage)

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