Unexpected friendship between two staffies and magpie blossoms

Unexpected friendship between staffy and magpie are joined by surprise third member – and the trio do EVERYTHING together

  • A third member has joined famous friendship between a staffy and magpie
  • Peggy the staffy and Molly the magpie became friends after the bird was injured
  • Peggy’s owners nursed Molly back to health and noticed the bond forming
  • Now Peggy has a puppy that has joined in and the three play together everyday 

An unexpected third member has joined the famous unlikely friendship between a staffy and a magpie. 

Sweet English staffy Peggy was quick to alert her owner Juliette, 45, after finding a small magpie – later named Molly – that had been left for dead while out on their daily walk back in September, 2020.

Juliette from Coomera, Queensland, Australia, said that while her adorable one-year-old pup is usually terrified of magpies, she was very concerned about this little bird. 

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The famous unlikely friendship duo between a staffy and magpie has added a third member to their group

Staffordshire bull terrier Peggy and magpie Molly developed an unlikely friendship on the Gold Coast after Peggy’s owner found Molly injured and took her in

After Molly made a full recovery with the help of loving Peggy, Juliette and partner Reece, 52, noticed Molly did not want to leave – despite the couple encouraging her. 

Juliette described how Molly was determined to stay with Peggy and the special bond the pair formed.

‘We always leave all the doors and windows open and have tried to get her to fly back into nature but she has no interest in leaving us,’ she said.

‘We’ve been teaching her to catch her own worms and lizards.. But she really thinks she is a dog, she runs around after Peggy.

Now Peggy has a ‘mischievous’ puppy, Ruby, that has joined the team and the group loves playing together

‘Molly thinks Peggy is her mum, and Peggy thinks she is her daughter.

Peggy and Molly have continued to build their bond and their owners share pictures and videos them playing and enjoying life together their Instagram

Now ‘mischievous’ puppy named Ruby has joined the interspecies team.

Juliette, 45, from Queensland, Australia, said that her staffy is usually terrified of magpies but was concerned when this small one was left for dead 

The couple have been teaching Molly the magpie to catch her own worms and lizards, but Juliette said that she ‘really thinks she’s a dog’ and ‘runs around after Peggy’

Peggy had a litre of 5 puppies some 15 months ago and the family was happy to welcome Ruby into their lives.

Molly was quick to jump on board too, with the pair soon becoming daily playmates as Ruby’s energetic attitude works to keep Molly on her toes.  

Ms Wells said Molly is continuing to heal with more feathers growing back while Peggy is enjoying a break from the play as Ruby takes over. 

‘Molly is really changing rapidly, so is Peggy since she’s become a mum,’ she told Nine News. 

‘Now they’re both growing.’ 

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