Unimpressed cat knocks out drone with a deadly swipe of its paws

I’m taking you down! Unimpressed cat knocks out drone with a single deadly swipe of its paws

  • Tomcat from Petaluma, California, showed off his impressive right hook blow 
  • He took down a mini drone which flew too close for his liking with just one swipe 
  • Owners say the feline often attacks the drone when they fly it in the house

A mini drone was no match for one clever cat who was able to take down the aircraft with just one swipe. 

The unimpressed feline showed off his natural hunting skills when his opponent flew too close for comfort and he put his right hook to the test. 

In the clip, recorded in Petaluma, California, the ginger and white cat sits at the top of the stairs watching the drone intently before whacking it away with his paw. 

A tomcat showed off his right hook in Petaluma, California, by taking an impressive swipe at a mini drone when it flew to close for his liking 

The cat watched the drone intently as it flew erratically towards him before timing a perfect strike which took the drone down 

The drone buzzes and moves around erratically further up the stairs towards him, where he can be seen backing away slightly. 

He feebly attempts to swat it away before backing up again into the darkness of the landing, appearing to plan his next move. 

In the final attack, the cat takes a different approach – this time paying attention to every move the drone makes before delivering a swift strike which takes it down immediately. 

People behind the camera sound impressed at his speedy reflexes and the cat looks as if it lets out a cheer. 

After taking down the drone the cat even appeared to cheer along with his owners, celebrating the mini drones defeat

It appears this interaction on Wednesday was not the first time the cat had come up against the drone.  

The tomcat’s owner told Viral Hog: ‘Our chonky cat isn’t a fan of our mini drone, he attacks it whenever it comes nears.’

But not all pets hate drones, including Ein the Corgi who decided to chase a drone in the park instead of playing fetch.

Devann McCarthy, 28, was walking Ein in the park in Rockville, Maryland, when she decided to play with a drone which she spotted flying overhead. 

An adorable clip shows Ein the corgi bark and run in circles as a drone flies above her head in a park in Rockville, Maryland

The video shows her bark and run in circles as the drone circles above her head in the park. 

The owner of the drone noticed Ein’s interest and began flying it lower to the ground, encouraging the dog to chase after it in a fun game that lasted for an hour. 

And in March last year, when the pandemic hit and people across the globe were forced to stay inside their homes, one man came up with a genius use for his drone in Cyprus. 

Vakis Demetriou shared a video of his dog Oliver walking up a residential street with a small drone following close behind holding the leash. 

Demetriou piloted the drone from a nearby balcony while a friend filmed the dog and the drone on the street, according to a report from Business Insider. 

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