VP Harris shoots for the stars with new job heading National Space Council

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Vice President Kamala Harris will chair the National Space Council, a cabinet-level advisory body, she confirmed in a tweet.

“In America, when we shoot for the moon, we plant our flag on it,” Harris posted Saturday. “I am honored to lead our National Space Council.”

The new role adds yet another task to the veep’s bulging portfolio.

Harris has been slammed for her lackluster performance as the nation’s migration czar, a job that President Biden gave her March 24 as illegal immigrants surged into border states like Texas and Arizona in record-breaking numbers.

While Biden called his No. 2, the former attorney general of California, “the most qualified person” to lead that effort, she has made no move to visit the US-Mexico border to speak with enforcement officers or evaluate overflowing detention centers as the influx intensified.

The White House has tried to recast her duties, insisting that she will focus on correcting the “root causes” of migration and not on the border crisis as a whole.

On Monday, Biden assigned Harris to lead his new Task Force on Worker Organizing and Empowerment, a pro-union effort that will “empower workers to organize and successfully bargain with their employers,” the White House said.

The National Space Council, originally created by President George H.W. Bush, was revived by President Trump in 2017 to coordinate space-related exploration, commercial exploitation, and security policies.

Harris plans to add climate change, STEM education, and diversity in the space workforce to the group’s agenda, the White House told Politico.

Vice President Mike Pence chaired the group during the Trump administration, and oversaw the launch of Space Force — the first new branch of the US military in more than 70 years — in 2019.

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