Washington school 'segregated' maskless kids from rest of class, report says

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A high school in Washington state removed students who refused to wear masks from their classrooms and put them inside a small portable to wait for their parents to pick them up, according to a report.

Two students at Enumclaw High School in King County, about 40 miles southeast of Seattle, told the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH that they were segregated from their mask-wearing classmates over their decision to not wear masks.

“The teacher came up behind me and said that I need to wear a mask,” a 17-year-old student named Dawson said. ” … I said ‘okay’ and she kind of got closer to me and said like, ‘Do you really find this funny? This isn’t funny at all,’ and was kind of going off. So I turned around and stood right next to her and said like, ‘No, I don’t find this funny at all, but I’m not going to wear a mask.'”

Dawson’s brother Ethan, a 15-year-old student at the school, told Rantz that he was also separated from his class and moved to the portable because he refused to wear a mask.

While there appeared to be strict COVID-19 rules inside the classroom, both students said that there appeared to be no rules inside the small portable, where a masked staff member was present.

They shared photos with Rantz showing the portable had no dividers between maskless students and no social distancing. Dawson and Ethan said six other students were with them on the first day of school, and only one other the following day.

The students’ parents told Rantz that they both will be enrolled in remote learning due to the mask policy.

The mother of another student sent to the portable told Rantz that these students weren’t being taught anything while removed from their class. When she contacted District Superintendent Shaun Carey, she said that he told her if the student is unwilling to comply with the rules, he could go to another district.

A spokesperson for the school district confirmed the policy to Rantz, saying it was “a temporary protocol” for the start of school to address those who refused to wear face coverings.

“The purpose of the protocol was to maintain the health and safety of the EHS learning community, to adhere to the mandate provided by the state of WA and was not a disciplinary action,” the spokesperson said. “This protocol is similar to the isolation protocol used for students showing symptoms of illness.”

Fox News has reached out to the Enumclaw School District for comment.

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