What happened to Suzy Lamplugh and when did the estate agent disappear?

WELL over three decades have passed since estate agent Suzy Lamplugh disappeared and investigators are still yet to work out what happened to her.

On July 28, 1986, the bright 25-year-old’s life changed forever when she went to meet a client. Here's what we know about the mystery…

What happened to Suzy Lamplugh?

Attending an appointment in Shorrolds Road, Fulham, Suzy prepared to show a man whom she believed to be called Mr Kipper around a property.

But, after the mystery house viewing, Suzy was never seen again.

Over the decades, police have chased up a number of leads relating to the disappearance, but have continued to draw blanks.

When did Suzy disappear and has anyone ever been charged with her murder?

July 28 1986

Suzy Lamplugh arranges to meet Mr Kipper in Fulham and is declared missing.

The police launch their investigation and find her white Ford Fiesta parked outside a property for sale in Stevenage Road, one and a half miles away from her appointment in Shorrolds Road.

Searches of the vehicle show that her ignition key is missing, but her purse was left behind.

October 1987

The Metropolitan Police conduct DNA tests on 800 unidentified bodies in an attempt to identify Suzy.


Convicted murderer John Cannan is questioned about the disappearance.


As the investigation fails to bring up any credible leads, Suzy Lamplugh is officially declared dead.


After police trace a car that may have been linked to the disappearance, the case is reopened.

In December, John Cannan is arrested for the murder and questioned, but not charged.


A police search is carried out in the area around Norton Army Barracks, but no new evidence is uncovered.


Police publicly announce that they suspect Cannan of the crime.

There is a chilling revelation that Cannan is known as Kipper in prison, the same name as the person suspected to have seen Suzy just before her disappearance.

It’s believed that he could have also had access to a dark BMW that was linked to the crime.

Cannan denies all allegations.


Following the murder of five prostitutes, police check prosecution files of vile Suffolk Strangler Steve Wright.

Even though Wright knew Suzy in the 1980s, when they both worked on the QE2, no other evidence linked the serial killer to the crime.


Police attempt to uncover more evidence by excavating a field adjacent to Drakes Broughton village in Worcestershire, but the case continues to run dry.


Police searching for Suzy's body of Ms Lamplugh begin digging up a garden on October 29 in the hope of solving the 32-year mystery, The Sun exclusively reveals.

The property in Sutton Coldfield, West Mids, is the former home of the mother of prime suspect John Cannan.

It is believed that his mum is living in a different part of the country and there is no suggestion that she was involved in or had any knowledge of this or any of his crimes.

A forensic archaeologist guided cops during the search, using ground-penetrating radar, but, tragically, it yielded no evidence at the property.


The prime suspect for the abduction and murder of estate agent Suzy Lamplugh suffers a stroke in jail.

John Cannan's ailing condition comes as police dig for missing Suzy’s remains on the edge of a field near Pershore, Worcestershire.

In response to a tip-off, cops investigating the murder dig up land next to an old tip that "could have concealed anything".


New evidence that Suzy's suspected killer was seen hurling a large suitcase into a canal 34 years ago offers fresh hope of finding her.

The sighting was made by a lorry driver walking to work at 5am along a towpath next to the canal in Brentford, West London.

There, he came “face to face” with Cannan who was pushing a large holdall on a trolley. Seconds later, he heard a splash and looked round to allegedly see Cannan running away.

The lorry driver reported it to Brentford police, the first of THREE occasions he is said to have tried to alert officers.


Police say they are still hopeful of cracking the mystery of Suzy Lamplugh’s disappearance 35 years after she vanished.

They insist the inquiry is still active after a new Sky Crime documentary, The Mystery of Suzy Lamplugh, re-examines the case.

Det Ch Insp Rebecca Reeves, the Met Police senior investigating officer, said: "We would urge anyone who believes they might know something about what happened to Suzy all those years ago to come forward.

"Whether you saw something that you thought was unconnected at the time or you felt under pressure to protect someone you knew – it is not too late.

"The passage of time has not weakened our determination to seek justice and get the answers that the Lamplugh family continue to wait for.

"They have always been supportive of our efforts to make progress in the investigation and they have shown remarkable strength despite the immense sadness they have endured over the years."

What is the Suzy Lamplugh Trust?

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust is established by the estate agent’s parents, Paul and Diana Lamplugh.

The Trust played a key role in the passing of the Protection from Harassment Act, which clamped down on crimes involving stalking.

Speaking on the 30th anniversary of his daughter's tragic disappearance, Suzy’s then 85-year-old dad Paul Lamplugh spoke out about Suzy. He said: "I don't have very much hope that I will find out what happened.

"I miss Suzy more now… I think the older I get I miss her.

"I particularly remember a conversation when Diana was chiding her for doing too much and she said 'Come on mum life is for living'.

"Suzy did know how to live life fully but no-one taught her how to be safe."

Both Suzy's parents died without ever knowing what happened to their daughter.

Her mother Diana passed away in August 2011 while her dad Paul died on June 12, 2018.

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