Which? reveals best 50 products of 2023 with Aldi washing power top

Revealed: The top 50 products of the year, with Aldi’s washing powder at No1 – beating a £499 laptop, £209 cooker and Asda’s baked beans… see if YOUR favourite items are on the list

The top 50 products of the year were named today – with Aldi washing powder the surprise leader of a list including a barbecue, shredder and thermometer.

The supermarket’s Almat Bio washing powder, costing just £3.95, was followed by a £449 laptop and a low-cost cooker in the ranking by consumer champion Which?.

The list is based on exhaustive testing, tasting, pulling and prodding by its independent experts, and includes everything from baked beans to electric cars.

Amid the cost of living squeeze, many of the choices deliver premium quality and performance at a value price. At the same time, many of the best buy choices are from budget or relatively little-known brands.

While on the face of it these products are very different, the experts at Which? have ranked them from top to bottom.

The accolade of product of the year was given to Aldi’s Almat Bio washing powder, putting it ahead of all the fancy tech, TVs and a £65,000 electric car.

It was credited for its superb stain removal, colour protection, fully recyclable packaging and ingredients that won’t harm any aquatic life.

Second place went to a Lenovo laptop, which was celebrated for its simplicity, speedy processor and exceptional battery life.

A Currys Essentials cooker came third despite a modest price of just £229. Elsewhere on the list, a 50p tin of Asda baked beans were found to be tastier and far cheaper than branded rival Heinz.

Other cheaper items beating branded rivals included Co-op’s £22.50 Les Pionniers Non-Vintage Champagne, which outperformed Veuve Cliquot which retails at around £47.

Many of the choices deliver premium quality and performance at a value price (file picture)

Among other items on the list were a video doorbell, an iPhone, a hedge trimmer, pizza oven and even a thermometer.

Harry Rose, editor of Which? magazine, said: ‘How does a washing powder beat a top of the range smartwatch or flash electric car to be crowned Which?’s product of the year?

‘Simply by being better at doing the job it’s made for than more expensive rivals, while even managing to get ahead of the competition in areas like being less harmful to wildlife.

‘Our experts have whittled down the thousands of products Which? tests every year to the 50 most impressive bits of tech, kitchen appliances and everyday home products that make life just that little bit easier.’

The firm’s experts nominated their favourite products launched or tested in the last 12 months, whittling down 4,000 products to the 50 in the list.

50 Best Products of the Year 2023

1. Aldi Almat Bio washing powder – £3.95

2. Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 14-inch Gen 8 laptop – £449

‘The IdeaPad is a laptop that suits a demographic of users that don’t need the best and won’t ever utilise all the strengths of a high-end device. Instead people can get a speedy processor, solid specs and exceptional battery life that they need for everyday computing tasks while keeping their costs down earning it a Which? Great Value badge.’

3. Currys Essentials – CFSEBK22 cooker – £209

‘For a low-cost product, this Curry’s freestanding cooker got to number three the top 50 list by scoring almost as much in Which? tests as the top scorer in its category despite being £446 cheaper – making it an affordable option that won’t let you down.’

4. Skullcandy Rail True Wireless In-Ear earphones – £54.99

‘There are better headphones out there, but these were the cheapest high performers tested by Which?. Replacement charging cables and ear gels should help make them usable for longer and they have warm, rich sound which won’t leave users disappointed.’

5. Ubiquiti UniFi Protect G4 doorbell – £215

‘If you haven’t got a video doorbell yet, Which? recommends the Unifi. It’s easy to install, the picture you get on the app is fantastic, plus there’s a light for dingier days. But the coup de grace is the ability to store videos without the need for a pricey cloud subscription.’

6. Kobo Clara 2E eReader – £129.99

‘If you are looking for an e-reader, the Clara 2E is a Which? Best Buy. Automatically adjusting brightness on the e-ink screen gives you the look of real paper and the convenience of reading in different lighting conditions – and there’s room for dozens of books. It has one clear advantage over Kindles, too, you can borrow library books on it.’

7. LG GMB844PZFG fridge freezer – £1,024

‘If you’re spending more than a grand on a fridge-freezer it helps to know it’s not going to run up your energy bills. LG’s giant, two-door fridge-freezer costs less to run than most similarly sized models, without compromising on excellent, accurate and consistent chilling.’

8. Apple Watch 9 – £429

‘The most impressive thing about Apple’s watch isn’t the sharp screen and improved features, it’s the manufacture. Apple says that this smartwatch is its first carbon neutral product. As for this superb watch, the S9 chip is lightning-fast, and puts Siri, helpfully, at its heart. It’s an excellent fitness companion, too, with accurate tracking so you can understand your stats and see progress.’

9. Road Angel Halo Pro 2022 dash cam – £199

‘Dash cams record the road in front and behind, and can help prove fault in an accident. That’s if they’re any good. This one has outstanding video quality earning it a Which? Best Buy. It’s also fairly straightforward to use, so you won’t spend hours setting it up. There’s a GPS sensor in there, too, so you can track speed and route, which can be shared with others via the useful app.’

10. Ubiquiti UVC-G4-Instant home smart camera – £166

‘Home surveillance doesn’t have to mean a mess of wiring any more, and the simplicity of smart, wi-fi cameras has made them incredibly popular. The Ubiquiti is the best Which? has tested bringing continuous, high-quality recordings for 24-hour peace of mind.’

11. MacAllister MBV18-Li-2 18V 2.0Ah leaf blower – £99

‘Like every other garden tool in this list, it uses a battery. And while at 11 minutes 30 seconds it doesn’t last that long, the gusts emanating from this leaf blower nozzle are more than a match for loose leaf litter. It’s easy to use, lightweight and we put it together in less than a minute.’

12. Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max – £1,199

‘The 15th-generation Pro Max has the first phone camera to get five stars and its new chip is powerful enough to play PlayStation 5 games, despite the compact handset. Plus, it has a new durable titanium design, we dropped it 100 times onto concrete and it barely left a mark. Few devices can compete.’

13. Asda Baked Beans – 50p a can

‘These beans were found to be tastier and far cheaper than Heinz by the Which? taste test panel.’

14. Whirlpool FFWDD 1174269 BSV UK washer dryer – £579

‘This washer dryer takes care of the whole laundry journey. Your clothes come out stain free and ready for your drawers and wardrobe, leaving you more time to do literally anything else.’

15. Sony WF-1000XM5 headphones – £279.99

‘With these earbuds, Sony has caught up with Apple’s popular AirPods. Extraordinary and versatile sound, remarkable noise-cancelling and more than eight hours of playtime is incredible.’

16. Co-op Les Pionniers Non-Vintage Champagne – £22.50

‘Our panel of champagne experts adored the creamy, fresh flavour with notes of fruit, nuts and a hint of smoke which beat Veuve Clicquot.’

17. Shark HZ3000UKT vacuum cleaner – £249

‘It cleans superbly, no matter the type of floor, with minimal suction drop off as the dust canister fills with debris. It keeps allergens locked in, too, with a little help from the fantastic filter.’

18. Leapfrog LF2413 baby monitor – £70

‘This isn’t unique, but it’s the icing on the cake of this fantastic monitor, with a price few can match. The 14-hour battery easily lasts the night and the decent signal range means you can keep an eye on your little one wherever you are in your home.’

19. Samsung HW-Q930C soundbar – £749

‘Each of the 15 speakers in this sound bar works in harmony to create beautiful balance and pure immersion.’

20. Fairy Platinum Plus Anti Dull Dishwasher Tablets – £10

‘Dishwasher tablets don’t come better than Fairy Platinum Plus. We gave it the full five stars for cleaning and for its ability to keep your crockery sparkling, which means Fairy isn’t kidding about these tabs having anti-dull technology.’

21. LG OLED42C34LA television – £949

‘Few products are as consistently phenomenal as LG’s OLED TVs. The 42-inch OLED42C34LA is the latest in a long, unbroken line of Best Buys: dozens of peerless TVs that look better, sound better and work better than any other brand.’

22. Samsung A54 5G smartphone – £449

‘With an eight-core processor, three cameras (including one lens with practically the same specs as the flagship Galaxy S23) and 41-hour battery life, this is a high-end phone in mid-range clothing.’

23. AEG TR959M6BC tumble dryer – £1,295

While it may be a high upfront cost, it’s energy efficient, so will cost you less to run. There’s so little wrong with it that our only con was the price.’

24. Asda George Home GDK101B-22 kettle – £30

‘The LED temperature display, backlit buttons and gloss black design will look delightful on any worktop. Looks aside, it’s quick with a low minimum-fill level – and it expertly filters limescale so your brew tastes perfect.’

25. Asda GMMD101B microwave – £57

‘It heats food evenly, keeps it moist and it’s a doddle to clean. Asda is still the best for cheap, small appliances.’

26. Miele G 5110 SC Wh dishwasher – £779

‘It uses less water and energy than most, so it’s cheap to run, too. And your dishes? They’re spotless and sparkling.’

27. Beyond meat Beyond Burger (2) – £4

‘The delicious Beyond Burger beat Linda McCartney to be the only Best Buy. It’s truly worth skipping the meat aisle for with 82 per cent of the Which? tasting panel feeling it was a flavoursome and convincing meat substitute.’

28. TP-Link Deco XE75 Pro Mesh Wifi 6E 3-pack – £500

‘Talk about advanced, this incredible router (and its two buddies that you dot around your house to create a net of wi-fi) is compatible with an advanced version of wi-fi most devices don’t even use yet. If you’re upgrading a router, why not choose one that’s futureproof, fast, reliable and simple to set up?’

29. Miele WED164 washing machine – £999

‘Described by Which? testers as a spectacular appliance that uses less energy and water than most, but still leaves your clothes spotless and the cherry on the cake – a 10-year warranty.’

30. Canon PIXMA G4570 printer – £259

‘There are no cartridges in this Which? Best Buy printer, you get a tank of ink instead, which you can refill yourself. Printing costs are far lower as a result, even though the initial cost is high. It’s all-in-one and excels at everything – printing, scanning, copying. Terrific.’

31. Genesis GV70 (2022) electric car – £65,105

‘The Genesis GV70 has two pure-electric engines that pack a punch creating a massive 490hp – that’s more than a Ford Mustang. Despite having more power than a muscle car, Which? Testers found the GV70 still has enough range to drive you from London to Newcastle without stopping for a plug-in.’

32. Apple 15-inch MacBook Pro 2023 – £1,280

‘The latest MacBook Pro is ‘majestic’ according to Which? experts. Blistering speeds from a processor that runs the most demanding software as if it’s booting up minesweeper and a lustrous screen give the computer a feeling of pure quality. The efficiency of all these high-end components means the battery doesn’t suffer and we managed more than 15 hours of video playback.’

33. JTX Fitness JTX Studio V5: Bluetooth Connect + Bike – £899

‘The JTX Studio V5 is the perfect piece of equipment both for people who are just starting a fitness programme or those looking for something more challenging. It has 10 different resistance levels and is incredibly stable, so you won’t topple over as you push hard through those last few kilometres, even on uneven floors.’

34. Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 tablet – £799

‘It’s not easy for a tablet to beat the iPad, but Samsung has managed it in Which? tests, even if not by much its impressive. The S9 exudes quality at every turn, from the absurdly fast processor that means you’ll barely ever look at a loading bar to the screen that’s vibrant enough to get lost in – even at only 11 inches corner to corner.’

35. Lenco PDR-046 Dab radio – £110

‘Where many radios have rudimentary displays, the Lenco has a large, full-colour one displaying what station you’re on and what music or show is playing. It shows the degree of care and pride that Lenco has in its products – and that extends to the crystal-clear audio.’

36. Fairy Max Power Original washing up liquid (640ml) – £3.50

‘The incredible grease and fat removal of this Which? Best Buy washing up liquid makes light work of any washing up.’

37. Ninja Woodfire Electric BBQ – £199 or £350 with stand

‘This Which? Best Buy barbecue is described as a ‘versatile marvel’ by Which? testers, it can smoke, grill, roast and even air fry food, so even the fussiest guests will be satisfied. The digital display keeps you up to date with timings, temperatures and when things need flipping, so you don’t need to keep lifting the lid to see how your food’s coming along.’

38. Dyson Gen5 Detect vacuum cleaner – £749

‘There’s a reason Dyson is synonymous with vacuum cleaners. Consistently excellent as a brand and this model is no different. It cleans well on any floor type, and is equally good at sucking up large debris and tiny crumbs. Plus, it’s got a tremendous allergen filter and an army of useful extras.’

39. HP M24 computer monitor – £249

‘Home working has made a decent monitor a near essential purchase for millions – and the M24 should be high on your list. The picture is crisp and clear, and there are plenty of ports so you can connect a variety of laptops and desktops.’

40. Joie Cybex Cloud T i-Size + Base T car seat – £429

‘It’s hard to find fault with this excellent car seat. Not only will it protect your child in a crash, but it’s also well designed with both the parents and babies in mind as it’s easy to fit and offers a comfortable ride.’

41. Tower T17102 Vortx Vizion air fryer – £120

‘It’s testament to the popularity of air fryers that even a model that narrowly misses out on a Best Buy can be one of the most popular reviews on Which.co.uk. What the Vortx Vizion has going for it is the two ovens that can be used simultaneously and you don’t need to be an expert to use them. There are 10 presets, including chicken, fish and, of course, chips, so you can hit a button and let the air fryer do all the work of cooking a delicious dinner.’

42. Smeg HOBD472D venting hob – £1,930

‘Venting hobs put the extractor in the middle of the hob – freeing up the space where a cooker hood would be. And the compact HOBD 472D is one of the best. It has a narrow vent that automatically adjusts suction, and is amazing at removing grease and odours.’

43. LG Xboom Go XG9Q portable speaker – £600

‘It’s rare to find a portable speaker that sounds as good as home speakers.. Not only does it have an excellent sound, Which? experts found it’s also easy to use and the battery lasts a staggering 33 hours – perfect for a weekend camping trip.’

44. Oral-B iO 10 smart toothbrush – £339

‘The key feature of the iO Series 10 is its ability to connect to the Oral-B smartphone app, which has a full range of functions designed to give users a better brushing experience.’

45. Fellowes AutoMax 90M shredder – £186

‘Seeing an A4 sheet – packed with the sort of personal info scammers dream of – shredded into confetti is so satisfying. But destroying sheet after sheet, it can lose its lustre. Which? found you can pop up to 90 sheets into the slot and it will munch through them like a greedy caterpillar while you do something more interesting.’

46. Jura E6 Platinum (15467) coffee machine – £749

‘When good coffee is your raison d’etre, you need a machine that will do those beans justice. It’s not the quickest Which? tested, but the automatic milk frothing means you’re only one press away from a delightfully foamy cappuccino.’

47. Stihl HSA 60 hedge trimmer – £320

‘If something’s better than all its rivals, then it’s got a great chance of getting on this list. Which? testers found there’s nothing better for trimming hedges than the HSA 60. With a rotating rear handle and lengthy blade, it’s cordless, mighty and satisfying to use.’

48. Ooni Volt 12 pizza oven – £799

‘As much as using an enormous wooden board to shuffle bases round brick ovens looks appealing, Ooni has gone with the safer, novice-friendly, option of precise, simple controls that make sure you get a wonderful pizza rather than a charred puck.’

49. Al-ko 36 V 42.2 Li lawn mower – £699

‘Battery power instead of petrol on this lawn mower means no dragging wires decapitating petunias or frustrated yanks of caught cords smashing garden gnomes into concrete paving, just free and easy mowing; until the battery runs out. Which? Found the huge batteries in the Al-ko last for 40 minutes between charges and it’s an excellent mower besides, capable of cutting a variety of grass lengths with ease.’

50. Kinetik Wellbeing Smart Ear & Forehead Thermometer- £60

‘Sometimes a hand on the forehead won’t do. Especially if you suspect the 10-year-old in front of you is trying to bunk off school. Which? found Kinetic’s thermometer gives accurate, contactless readings in just 1.5 seconds.’

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