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THERE is nothing like the piercing and terrifying sound that a fox makes during the middle of the night.

If you're wondering why they scream then read more to find out.

Why do foxes scream at night? 

Foxes scream during the night for a variety of reasons.

The bark and scream to communicate with each other.

January is the peak of mating season meaning you usually hear them scream the most during this time.

Female foxes scream and and make other loud noises when they're mating.

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However, male foxes scream at each other to mark their territory.

What does a fox’s scream sound like? 

Foxes screams sound like the animal is in pain.

They're high pitched and piercing.

However, despite the horrendous noise the fox isn't in pain and you don't need to contact the RSPCA.

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Foxes screams can also be mistaken for a human meaning people can think someone is hurt.

Stephen Harris, a biologist at the University of Bristol, told National Geographic:  “Occasionally, someone thinks they are the sounds made by someone in distress or being attacked and the police are called.”

He added: “The noises are very much a feature of urban nights in winter.

“The cold air and lack of vegetation means that [their screams] travel further.”

Where do foxes live? 

Foxes tend to live in more rural areas such as the woods, farms and wetland habitats.

Rural foxes tend to be shy and aren't seen very often.

But foxes have made homes in the cities.

Urban foxes are much cheekier and can be seen along footpaths during the night.

They've adapted to an urban lifestyle and live alongside people in towns and cities.

There is more than 10,000 urban foxes in London alone.

Urban foxes don't consider them to be pests and they don't pose a threat to the public's health.

Lots of people get great pleasure in feeding urban foxes.

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However, you shouldn't hand feed them as they are still a wild animal whose behaviour is unpredictable.

Instead, you should feed them and watch them from a distance.

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