Woman is attacked in a swamp by a crocodile for 90 MINUTES

Woman is dragged into a swamp by a crocodile and somehow survives in its jaws for 90 MINUTES before being hauled to safety in Indonesia

  • Falmira De Jesus, 38, was attacked by the reptile and sustained serious injuries

A woman has miraculously survived a crocodile attack that lasted 90 minutes before she was hauled to safety.

Palm oil plantation worker Falmira De Jesus, 38, was collecting water from a weed-covered stream in the Ketapang Regency of West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia, on July 27, unaware that the beast was lurking beneath the foliage.

As she approached to scoop up some water, the reptile leaped up and dragged her into the creek.

The mother-of-two then bravely fought off the beast, and screamed for help, with the other employees rushing to her aid.

Footage shows the hapless woman floating in the pool with only her head visible. She was seen slowly sinking as the reptile tried to pull her away while frantic workers used a pole to prod the waters.

Falmira De Jesus, 38, was attacked by a crocodile in an Indonesian swamp for an hour and a half

The palm oil plantation worker was swept under the foliage as the reptile pulled at her body. Pictured is her head above the water and weeds

Workers scrambled to help Falmira by using sticks to poke at the beast 

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Locals said the crocodile had hold of terrified Falmira for around 90 minutes as it toyed with her. Her colleagues were too afraid to venture into the water in case the beast attacked them.

Help arrived at the remote location and they eventually managed to grab Falmira and haul her out of the swamp. She was rushed to the hospital with severe injuries on her limbs.

Falmira said: ‘I was in pain from where the crocodile was holding me. I couldn’t break free. Then I started to feel like I was becoming weaker. I just thought I was going to die, because I was falling below the water.

‘I lie in the hospital and can still see the crocodile in my mind, and feel it on my body. I am very grateful for people that helped me to escape. They saved my life.’

Police said that Falmira is recovering at hospital having suffered deep puncture wounds on her right arm, thigh and lower leg.

Ketapang Resort Police, AKBP Tommy Ferdian, said: ‘At that time, the victim was about to fill the water tank. Suddenly, a crocodile attacked her.

‘Other workers immediately approached the victim and tried to help her.

‘The victim survived and was immediately evacuated to the hospital for emergency treatment. We urge workers and residents around the plantation to be more vigilant about the existence of these wild animals.’

Falmira is recovering at hospital having suffered deep puncture wounds on her right arm, thigh and lower leg

Workers immediately came to Falmira’s rescue but were too afraid to enter the water to haul her out

Pictured are rescuers who eventually arrived at the remote location and pulled Falmira out of the swamp

Local media reported that Falmira was recovering in intensive care at the Imanudin Hospital. Doctors were monitoring her condition, fearing the severe bites might lead to infections.

The Indonesian archipelago is home to 14 types of crocodiles – with a large population of extremely large and violent estuarine crocodiles that flourish in the region’s climate.

Conservationists believe that crocodiles have been driven further inland closer to villages due to overfishing reducing the crocodiles’ natural food supplies combined with habitat loss from the development of coastal areas into farms.

With uneducated locals in the developing country still using rivers for bathing and primitive fishing, the deadly combination of factors has led to rising numbers of crocodile attacks.

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