You could get MORE than $1,200 if Pelosi and Republicans agree on stimulus deal with second round of checks

AMERICANS could get more than $1,200 if Nancy Pelosi and Republicans agree on a new stimulus deal with second round of checks.

Negotiations are ongoing as Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin hash out the details, including whether to send people another stimulus check.

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CNET listed six ways hard-hit Americans could receive a larger sum than $1,200 if and when the IRS do send out the payments.

A second check will most likely follow the same rough guidelines applied to the first CARES package, with the total amount people receive based on their adjusted gross income (AGI) and other eligibility requirements – if it's approved.

But hard-hit households could end up getting more money because the Democratic proposal for the next bill expands what a "dependent" means.

It would include anyone anyone a person can claim on a tax return, such as kids over the age of 16 or an adult they are caring for.

The new bill would include the same age restriction for children, according to a recent White House proposal – but the amount would increase to $1,000.

One proposal could yield $500 for dependents of any age.

A second proposal could allocate $1,000 per child dependent, which means a kid who is 16 years or younger.

An employment status change could also end up getting someone a bigger payout if they lost their job this year or their wages dropped.

This in turn would lower an individual's AGI, which is a determining factor in this payment.

The second Covid check is also dependent on a spouse's filing status and a change in marital status could get a new bride or groom a bigger check.

Likewise, if a couple is now sharing custody of their kids and meet specific qualifications, both parents may be entitled to claim extra.

Meanwhile, a federal judge has ruled that the IRS also owes stimulus checks to inmates in prison who qualify, according to the Washington Post.

This means prisoners may be entitled to first and second stimulus checks if the ruling stands.

However, if you started a new job, got a wage increase, have less dependents, or owe child support, this could lower the amount you receive.

Negotiations are ongoing and Pelosi has blamed Donald Trump for the delay – but the president has repeatedly claimed it's the House Speaker who's holding things up.

She said on Friday that a new stimulus bill could be reached before the November 3 election if Trump "wants to do it."

“We are writing the bill, and hopefully we will be able to resolve it," she said. "We could do that before the election if the president wants to.”

A deal before the November 3 election would probably lead to another round of stimulus checks – and Pelosi recently assured the public that "help is on the way."

It would also most likely include unemployment benefits, schools, and state and local governments.

But during Thursday's debate with his Dem rival Joe Biden, Trump said Pelosi was solely responsible for holding up an agreement.

He claimed she “doesn’t want to approve anything because she’d love to have some victories" on Election Day.

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Mnuchin said "on a number of issues [Pelsoi] is still dug in."

Trump has insisted that the GOP will conform if a larger deal is reached by Mnuchin than most Senate Republicans would approve.

But Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell privately told party members that he had warned the White House against striking a pre-election deal with Pelosi.

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