Abby Lee Miller Has No Character Witnesses To Call For Her Defense, More Haters Than Supporters Show To Court

Dance Moms Abby Lee Miller is currently in the midst of a trial for fraud, and it appears that her constant sour attitude might cost her the case. According to reports, her team of lawyers have no one to call to testify on their client’s behalf in regards to her character.

The reality TV star has plead guilty to hiding nearly $800,000 in assets from the federal government, including nearly $30,000 in Masterclass ticket sales. She has also concealed money earned from abroad when re-entering into the United States. Abby Lee Miller could face up to 30 months in prison, depending on how the hearing goes.

Abby Lee Miller is expected to be sentenced tomorrow, as court has adjourned for the day. However, it appears that she has had more haters than supporters show up for her day in court. According to reports, former rivals of Miller’s and mothers of girls who used to dance on her team, Christi Lukasiak and Kelly Hyland, showed up to see Abby get what they perceive to be her karma.

Woman in black blows a kiss
Abby Lee Miller blows a kiss to someone after her May 8 sentencing adjourns. [Image by Keith Srakocic/AP Images]

Kelly Hyland has formerly sued Abby Lee Miller and Collins Avenue, who produced Dance Moms more than once. However, her other two cases have been thrown out. Her daughter, Paige, currently has a lawsuit filed against Abby Lee Miller for alleged abuse, in which she is accused of pinching the girls until they bled and throwing a chair at Paige.

As far Christi Lukasiak, Abby Lee Miller was constantly at odds with her daughter, Chloe, and once called the young girl washed up. After making fun of Chloe’s medical condition in a rather blunt manner, Christi and Chloe had enough and walked off the set of Dance Moms.

According to reports, Abby Lee Miller told ET Online that she was feeling very nervous about her hearing. When she entered the courtroom, she broke down crying, afraid of what was to come. However, she hid her emotions well as Miller, clad in black, entered the courthouse with a smile on her face.

Although Abby Lee Miller’s team couldn’t find anyone to testify for her, reportedly a few of her friends showed up to sit in the last row of the courtroom.

Abby Lee Miller was heard telling them, “Thank you, I love you.”

She also offered to pay for the meals of those who showed up to support her during the court’s lunch recess, but they declined the offer.

Leaked documents revealed that the State was originally asking for the maximum sentence for Abby Lee Miller, as is often the case for celebrities to set an example. The State said that Abby Lee Miller had planned harm creditors for as much as $350,000 and therefore, she should serve jail time.

However, her lawyers are suggesting that she did not harm anyone, and therefore should only receive probation.

The reality TV star recently quit Dance Moms after 7 seasons, alleging issues with the producers that lead her to abruptly walk off the set. There is no word on what the straw was that broke the camel’s back, but she alleged that the crew was misogynistic, treated her poorly and often stuck their nose in where it didn’t belong.

Abby Lee Miller has hinted on social media, and on the TV show itself, that she has been forced to make decisions that were governed by the producers. At one point, she cut a child from the Junior Elite team, but made it clear via social media she had wanted to keep her on. She also once stated that it was not her decision to cut the majority of the Mini team from the show, but instead it was producer driven drama.

[Featured Image by Keith Srakocic/AP Images]


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