‘Bachelorette’s Colton Underwood Fires Back At Wendy Williams’ Virgin Diss: ‘Take Your Cheap Shots’

The ‘Bachelorette’s Colton Underwood fired back at Wendy Williams after she said she doesn’t trust virgins, following his confession about being one! See his epic response!

The Bachelorette‘s Colton Underwood, 26, is firing back at his haters, and he’s starting with Wendy Williams! After the talk show host, 53, slammed him for admitting that he is a virgin on the ABC reality show, he blasted her on social media. “Wait… what is my baggage?” he responded to a tweet from The Wendy Williams Show, which told fans the daytime talk show learned he had “baggage,” aka, the fact that he’s a virgin. But, he already admitted that, just sayin’.

Underwood continued his response with a follow-up tweet: “The double standards in today’s society… it’s okay if you don’t agree with my personal choices, but some of your talk shows take it too far. ‘Don’t trust a virgin’ but you’ll trust your 3 baby daddies who cheat on you every weekend. Okay”. He then posted his tweets in the form of screenshots to his Instagram stories, where he wrote, “Take your cheap shots,” and tagged the Wendy Show official account. He added: “I’ll be right here when you want top have an educational conversation,” and “During the #MeToo era. Let’s take shots at someone who respects females.”

If you missed episode nine (July 9) of the Bachelorette, Underwood was the talk of the internet after he told Becca Kufrin, 28, that he is a virgin. “I told you earlier that I put my professional life in front of my personal life. And I spent a lot of time working on football Colton, and I sort of forgot who personal Colton was,” he explained to Kufrin during their date. “And I haven’t had that many girlfriends, that many dates, because of sports. Um, and because of that, I still am, I am a virgin.”

The day after his admission, Wendy slammed Underwood on her show on July 10. “Why are you 26 and a virgin? Really? What’re you doing?,” she began, and later continued: “I don’t trust people that have never had sex… This is a grown woman. She’s supposed to get engaged at the end of this show, she’s never checked out his junk, he’s never used his junk, this is not realistic… So this is why I don’t watch the bachelorette because of this corniness right here.”

Although Kufrin’s stunned reaction and abrupt exit (following his confession) made it seem like Underwood’s time on the show was officially over, he ended up getting a rose and making the final four.

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