Carol Vorderman slams Coronation Street as ’tragic’ and begs the show to ’bring back comedy’

CAROL Vorderman hit out at “tragic” Coronation Street last night and begged for it to be “funny again.”

Drama on the Cobbles is heating up as we approach Christmas, but the misery is all too much for the 56-year-old – and she’s even consulting Santa on the matter.

Carol tweeted: “I've put this on my list to Santa this year..

"PUR-LEAZE Father Christmas make Corrie funny again….the last time I had a laugh watching it was in about September 2016.. even wonderful Mary is now tragic. #BringBackCorrieComedy "

And her followers were feeling the same way.

One wrote: “I agree, Phelan story is now ridiculous and the humour has been lost. I’ve given up watching regularly 😔”

To which Vorders replied: “Agreed…..just watching the bit where Anna (bless her) who has just nearly murdered Eileen, Rosie not said that Phelan went into the office to plant evidence, Anna and Fay(e) lying in a car surrounded by police and Anna says to her "Faye have I ever let you down?"…er….?????”

A woman called Martha said: “I find Corrie either sad or scary or both for a long time too! It makes me wonder if life has become like that!Well not my life,but the others.How would an Alien understand? 👾🍄🎄❤️🎄”

Leading Carol to chime: “I'm with you Martha….and the aliens!!! 😀”

While it’s advised that Carol never watches an episode of EastEnders if she’s after some joy, she might want to stay away from Corrie for the time being too.

Connor McIntyre who plays evil Phelan says things will be taking a dark twist for his character.

He said: "I haven't seen much further up the road for Phelan but I imagine it will get darker.

"Let's put it this way – I think my long-term future on the show is in serious doubt."

Referring to his warped character's murderous conduct, he added: "I find myself asking what happens to a person once they realise a problem can be solved his way – does that then become a default position?"” target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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