Celebrity Big Brother fans’ as fury India Willoughby is called ‘he’ again – this time by Amanda Barrie

CELEBRITY Big Brother fans were left furious after India Willoughby was called a 'he' by Amanda Barrie.

The trans newsreader later rejected a heartfelt apology from 82-year-old Amanda as she sat isolated in the garden, leading some viewers to state India was "over-reacting."

Amanda and India were having a discussion with Rachel Johnson and India Willoughby about illness when the soap veteran made the blunder.

Pointing to India, Amanda said: "He hasn't had it yet."

After being immediately corrected, Amanda said: "I've done it again. Why do I do that? It's because I fancy you or something."

India hit back: "That's twice you've misgendered me. An apology isn't enough."

Ann – who has previously come under fire for referring to India in the wrong gender – told her: "India, if it's not deliberate an apology is always enough."

Frustrated India retorted: "Let me tell you Ann, only I know how I feel. You don't know how I feel inside."

The argument then moved to the kitchen where India said she didn't want to be "patronised."

She said: "I'm in here as a woman. Not a 'he' but a 'she,' I am a real woman."

As India stormed off, Amanda called out: "You can't keep being temperamental."

Malika Haqq told the group: "I think it's a little too sensitive right now, let's just leave it right now."

Amanda later attempted to clear the air and apologise to India after the newsreader has isolated herself in the garden.

The soap icon said: "Darling, I have come to apologise for a stupid slip. You know very well that was not intentionally hurtful or anything.

She continued: "I'm very fond of you, I like you very much. I can do no more than apologise but if you don't want to take the apology, that is entirely up to you."

Amanda – who came out at the age of 67 – added: "I'm the least likely person ever to have prejudice against anyone and anybody who knows me knows that.

"So if you want to take it that I made a terrible, terrible, hurtful thing to you, I truly, honestly, on my bended knee promise you that I did not."

While India sat silent, Amanda continued: "I'm 82 and I made a mistake, I am very sorry."

Once Amanda was out of earshot, India snapped: "You're right Amanda, silly me taking offence. Apology not accepted."

Celebrity Big Brother viewers flocked to social media to voice their opinions.

One Twitter user said: "The transphobia is disgusting from the public and the housemates."

One disgruntled viewer fumed: "Bloody hell, bit OTT India! It was clearly a mistake and not said maliciously."

Another commented: "Off with your head Amanda, an apology is not enough."

A third fan jumped to Amanda's defence and put: "India, cut it out! Amanda is 83 and is bound to mix up her words."



A more neutral viewer put: "They have to try and understand where India is coming from and why being misgendered offends her.

"However Amanda did apologise so hopefully they can move forward."

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