Coronation Street killer Pat Phelan exposed as Eileen Grimshaw realises he is a murderer

EILEEN Grimshaw has finally seen husband Pat Phelan for what he really is: a murderer.

On the doorstep of her house, Eileen confided in Billy Mayhew that she wasn't sure Phelan was innocent after all.

Her attitude changed after seeing Seb Franklin point the finger at Phelan in court during Anna Windass's trial.

Seb Franklin told the court during Anna Windass's trial that Phelan had always had it in for her, prompting Eileen to step out to get some air.

Phelan menacingly asked: "Shall I pack up the rest of my stuff?"

During a break from proceedings Gary warned Phelan that it was a matter of time before the police came sniffing around his business, stopping the shady character in his tracks.

Back with Billy, Eileen explained what had happened, saying: "You should have seen him stood up there. He was terrified. What if he's telling the truth?


"If he's lied about that, what else has he lied about?"

She then paid a surprise visit to see Anna in prison, where she said: "If he has done all this. I'm so so sorry."

Earlier this week viewers thought Eileen would be murdered by Phelan after she confronted him over Luke Britton’s death.

Many believed she’d signed her own death warrant by questioning about the murder after he was picked up by the police in connection with the crime.

Phelan shot Luke before allowing him to burn to death in a shocking scene that aired earlier this month.

Seb has since discovered Phelan killed him and went on to tell Eileen exactly what had happened.

She confronted the psychopath and told him: “It was Seb!

“He said you killed Luke.

“He said you had a gun? I was so scared and confused I actually looked for it?”

Phelan lost his temper and shouted at her before managing to persuade her he had nothing to do with the crime.

However, viewers think Eileen could be his next victim after confronting him.

Their theory might not be far off the mark, as Phelan only killed Luke when he realised he was close to outing him for Andy and Vinnie's murders.

One tweeted: “Watch your back Eileen!”

Another commented: “Oh Eileen … have you said too much? I'm thinking you might be in danger!!”

A third said:” Hope you got life insurance Eileen!”

After Luke was killed, actor Dean Fagan revealed the murder was the start of Phelan's downfall.

Dean explained: “I was excited to realise I was going to be a pivotal part of the start of Phelan’s demise, the start of the unravelling, that someone else has found out the truth and he has now killed again which is a desperate act and one that is going to eventually start more questions being asked.

“The Phelan era is huge and he has played such a massive part in the street so to be involved in that is brilliant. Luke will play his part in the whole end game.”


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