Eamonn Holmes ’turned down £800,000 to appear on Celebrity Big Brother’

EAMONN Holmes has 'turned down £800,000' to appear on Celebrity Big Brother, according to a new report.

The This Morning Presenter, who was today awarded an OBE in the New Year's Honours list, told producers: "I don't need the cash."

A show insider told the Daily Star: “Eamonn has turned down a number of offers over the years. "This one is the biggest so far at £800,000.

"But no amount of money could tempt him.

"He’s said it isn’t about the money because he doesn’t need to earn more cash than he already does through his TV projects.

“Eamonn told producers he absolutely loves the show and is a committed viewer, but definitely doesn’t want to be a housemate.”

But the newspaper added that Eamonn might still appear in the show as he added he would be willing to take part in a task.

Celebrity Big Brother kicks off on January 2 and begin with an all-female house.

The Sun Online revealed that males will be allowed to enter the infamous reality show four days after it kicks off with producers hoping they will “shake up dynamics.”

An insider told The Sun Online: “The show will be women only for four days and then we’ll eventually let some male company in.

“After spending nearly a week forming female bonds and establishing relationships and roles in the house, we’re expecting the boys to really shake up the dynamics – and we’ve got some big personalities entering!”

The initial line up will be an all-female line up including glamour model Jess Impiatzi and Boris Johnson's sister Rachel.

Gogglebox's Sandra Martin insists she'll be in there too while fans are also convinced transgender new reporter India Willoughby, 51, will also be a housemate.


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Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/5239517/eamonn-holmes-turned-down-800000-to-appear-on-celebrity-big-brother/

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