EastEnders’ explosive Christmas episode bags coveted 9PM slot as Jake Wood hails it the ’best storyline 12 years’

EASTENDERS’ explosive Christmas Day episode has landed the coveted 9pm slot after Jake Wood hailed it the “best storyline” in over a decade.

Insiders told The Sun Online this is one of the soap’s most “exciting plotlines” and said “viewers would be on the edge of their seats” throughout the hour long special.

Earlier this week, Jake Wood, who plays Max Branning, admitted this Christmas Day “revenge” storyline was the best script he’d read in years.

Speaking about his character’s humiliating downfall, Jake explained: “Max felt very wronged by the community that he was left to rot for years in jail and he was innocent.

“I think he thought that was his way forward, that he would get revenge on everyone so that would give him an income.

“That was always the debate, wasn't it, if Max can be redeemed.

“I've always felt that he can be because I've always felt that what he's done has been out of a very genuine feeling of being done wrong but obviously, the things that they've done are not the best.

“I think the stuff that is coming up next week is great.

“They're just incredible episodes.

“We've got John Yorke back along with Olly Kent and also the scriptwriter Simon Ashdown, who was instrumental in creating The Brannings.

“The next couple weeks is crazy. I think this is the best!

“The two episodes that go out on Christmas Day and the best I've ever read on the show in 12 years.

“If we've done them justice, they'll be amazing.”

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Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/5150144/eastenders-explosive-christmas-episode-bags-coveted-9pm-slot-as-jake-wood-hails-it-the-best-storyline-12-years/

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