EastEnders fans celebrate as Kathy Beale finally stands up to rapist James Willmott-Brown in an epic way

KATHY Beale literally hit rapist James Willmott-Brown where it hurt in tonight's EastEnders – leaving fans celebrating around the country.

The cafe owner has been tormented by the return of her rapist in recent months but tonight's episode saw the creepy businessman declare his undying love for her, and his wish for them to be together – even if he had to pay for the privilege.

After plastering on a small smile, Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) said he was no Richard Gere and she was no Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, and she could not be bought, before furiously grabbing his crotch.

As James twisted in agony, Kathy told him in no uncertain terms that she hated him and wanted nothing to do with him.

She said: "You sad, deluded, pathetic old man. Destroy the Square so I've got nothing to lose?

"I have friends. I have a life and I will always belong here.

"You get this, if I ever see you again I will find the biggest, sharpest knife and I will cut it off and I will serve it to you in a sandwich."

As James then went on to have a heart attack back at his office, viewers were too busy celebrating their delight at Kathy finally standing up to her rapist, and in such an epic way.

One wrote: "You don't mess with Kathy Beale or she'll grab you where it hurts", while another added: "Bout time someone virtually castrated creepy old Wilmott-Brown, go Kathy! ".

A third agreed, tweeting: "Kathy Beale, what an absolute legend! #EastEnders".

Another shared a hilarious gif with the tweet: "Kathy squeezing his balls has been my highlight #GirlPower #EastEnders".

Indeed it wasn't a good episode for James, played by William Boyde, as he suffered a heart attack at his office as the police smashed their way in to arrest him.

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