Heartbroken Fadi Fawaz faces Christmas alone in George Michael’s old house, a year after singer’s tragic death

FADI Fawaz will be spending Christmas in George Michael's £5million Regent's Park pad – a year on from the singer's tragic death.

The heartbroken hairdresser, 44, recently shared a picture of wipers clearing his snow-covered windscreen to reveal the front of the impressive home, indicating he's very much still living there.

George is very much still in Fadi's thoughts as the first anniversary of his death approaches.

He recently shared a video of himself looking solemn as George's track Father Figure played in the background.

His Instagram followers sent him their best wishes, writing: "Hi Fadi, deepest sympathy to you…..time is the only healer. My father killed himself the day after Christmas so I understand what the month is like for you 😔💛🙏🏼✨😘✨☀️💪🏼Stay Strong.

"Poignant…. Father figure X

"Love you lots x

"Hope you are well Fadi."

The 44-year-old was the first to discover George's body on Christmas Day after he died of heart failure aged just 53.

He continues to grieve for his former boyfriend and previously stated he'd never be able to find love again.

Leave me with love 💖

A post shared by Fadi Fawaz (@fadi_fawaz) on

Leave me with love 💖

A post shared by Fadi Fawaz (@fadi_fawaz) on

Speaking to Sunday People, he said: "There will never ever be a lover in my life after George.

"I do not have anyone in my life and there will never be anyone ever. That is the truth."

The photographer has previously spoken out about the “shame” he felt at not being able to save the star, despite him passing of natural causes.

A friend had previously told the same paper: “Fadi feels ashamed about not being able to save George, he misses him so much.

“There is a lot of emotion coming from him at the moment and this is a medium in which he can express himself."

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