Janet Jackson, 52, Looks Svelte & Sexy On ‘Essence’ Cover After Giving Birth To First Child

New mom? Yeah, right! This stunning shot of post-baby Janet is one you’ll have to see to believe. Check out the magazine cover here!

Looking this great a year and a half after giving birth really isn’t fair, if you ask us. Janet Jackson, 52, may have welcomed her son Eissa Al Mana in January of 2017, but she has bounced back so fast that we almost can’t believe it. TBH, if we hadn’t seen a pic of her baby bump back when she was carrying, we’d think her new Essence cover was a victim of Photoshop. Seriously, the woman is fifty freaking two, she’s got a toddler, AND she looks incredibly fit and fab. Not to mention that her skin is glowing! Any chance she can give us all a helping hand by telling us how to look this radiant at any age? Unreal.

Because while she may be all covered up on this July/August 2018 Essence cover, it’s still clear she’s let her baby weight go. She’s rocking a gray tank under a gold and black striped suit — can you say work inspo? — and looks phenomenal. Not even her jewelry or her beautiful bronze beauty look can distract from her post-baby bod. But her rapid weight loss didn’t just happen overnight. By hitting the gym hard and eating clean, Janet was able to drop 50 pounds ASAP. And when we say ASAP, we mean it! She was already rehearsing for her tour just seven months after giving birth!

So if anyone’s looking to balance motherhood with self-care and a career, look no further than this icon. She isn’t just tackling all of these things, but she’s happy too! In Janet’s Essence interview, she talked all about finding her joy. “Happiness is in gratitude to God,” she said. “Happiness is saying, ‘Thank you, God, for my life, my energy and my capacity to grow in love.’”

And boy, does she have a lot to be grateful for! She may have split with her baby’s father, Wissam Al Mana, but their divorce was amicable and they’ve been co-parenting like pros. So while we’re loving Janet’s svelte post-baby bod, we’re loving that big ol’ smile on her face even more.

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