Jayne Torvill insists Dancing On Ice isn’t a popularity contest like Strictly and ’the best skaters always win’

JAYNE Torvill has taken a pop at Strictly Come Dancing and insisted there would be no “over-marking” during Dancing On Ice.

The BBC show came under fire this year after fans claimed some of the panel had been too generous with their scores – but Jane 60, is adamant it won’t happen on their show.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, the Olympic skater said: “Sometimes, as you do with Strictly, you lose someone early on that shouldn’t have gone and it’s usually because they’re quite good.

“People think, ‘oh they’re fine and don’t vote for them but they need the votes.’

“In the end, your finalists are the better skaters as they get to a certain point.”

Her fellow judge and former professional partner Christopher Dean added: “The skating always shines.”

The skating legends are joined on the judging panel on the revamped show by Diversity star Ashley Banjo and Jason Gardiner.

While Jayne and Chris have previously worked on the show as coaches, they will now sit alongside Ashley and Jason on the judging panel.

And to make sure they’re working as a good team, Christopher admitted they’d gone out on a boozy bender to bond properly.

Jayne explained: “We spent the day together and there was just the four of us and it had a nice feel.

“We’re like the serious ones.

“Jason is out there and Ashley being young and new he brings another energy to it as well.”

Dancing On Ice starts in the New Year on ITV.

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