Matt Cardle hit rock bottom when drug dealer was forced to intervene

Matt Cardle has revealed the lowest point of his drug addiction – and the unlikely help that saved his life.

The X Factor winner, 34, shot to stardom after winning the show in 2010, but he became addicted to a cocktail of drugs and alcohol for two years when he got in a fight with his drug dealer.

After performing at the Jingle Bell Ball in Belfast in December 2013, he was in such a state from withdrawal from tramadol and valium that his drug dealer refused to sell him more drugs.

"I came and met him and he just saw the state I was in because I didn’t have any and then he went, ‘No I’m not going to give them to you.’" Matt told The Sun .

"And I actually snatched them out of his hand and shoved him and it got a bit horrible.

"I was completely addicted. He was like, ‘You’re never having any more of them off me’."

The dealer even called Matt’s older brother Dominic who rushed to save him from having a breakdown at Heathrow Airport on the way to turn on the Christmas lights in Ayrshire, Scotland.

"I just had a little meltdown in the middle of Heathrow, posted my f***ing ticket in the post box and just collapsed on the floor and it just wasn’t pretty to be fair," Matt admitted.

"He was there with me. A couple more times a very similar thing happened because what it does is, as soon as you start to withdraw from it, your emotions just bubble up like you’ve never felt before.

"I remember crying in the cab, to the driver, talking about Olly Murs and I can’t remember what he was saying and I just broke down."

He went to The Priory rehab facility to get clean.

Matt, who is now clean and preparing to release his fourth album, was soon dropped by his record label and manager leaving him frustrated with his "fall from grace". He also split from his girlfriend of 18 months, dancer Sarah Robinson.

Opening up about the downward spiral, he reveals he became addicted to powerful painkiller Tramadol – commonly referred to as ‘Hillbilly Crack’ – after injuring his finger.

"I wasn’t that injured, I didn’t really need it. I started eating Tramadol for fun if I’m honest."

Matt says he also started taking valium – and dangerously mixing it with alcohol.

When asked if he ever came close to dying, Matt admitted: “There were a number of them. I didn’t realise because a lot of it was on my own. I would wake up in various parts of my flat, in the toilet, in my bedroom, on the bed, off the bed, in the lounge, and it would always be like, ‘Oh that’s where it ended’.

“If you were on your own and you’re completely smashed and you’ve taken one or two too many, you won’t wake up, it’ll stop your heart and that’s it. So it was getting to that point for me without knowing it.”

The singer revealed he hit rock bottom when he got into a physical altercation with his drug dealer following a performance at the Jingle Bell Ball in Belfast at the end of 2013.

Matt said his dealer refused to sell him more valium after seeing the "state I was in".

The singer said he snatched the valium from him and things "got a bit horrible".

“I was completely addicted," he added to The Sun . "He was like, ‘You’re never having any more of them off me’."

After that, the dealer called his brother to tell him someone needed to step in and help Matt.

The 34-year-old then had a breakdown at Heathrow Airport when he was travelling to Scotland to turn the Christmas lights on. He revealed he collapsed on the floor in an emotional mess – something that happened on a number of occasions as he tried to withdraw from the valium.

After reaching that low, he made the decision to check into rehab at The Priory.

While admitting he’s got to "watch" himself, Matt is now completely clean, in a happy relationship and preparing to release his fourth album.

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