Is Megan Markle A Robot? Wild Conspiracy Has Fans Convinced Prince Harry’s Bride Has Been Replaced

Prince Harry, please check on your wife. Fans are convinced she’s been replaced with a robot after watching ‘BGT’! Honestly, we get why they’re subscribing to this theory…

Could the real Meghan Markle please stand up? Some Britain’s Got Talent viewers became deeply concerned about the newly-minted Duchess of Sussex’s well-being after seeing her look a little…stiff in the audience of the June 11 show. Now, there’s a new conspiracy theory making the rounds, that something happened to Meghan and she’d been replaced with a robot! Here’s the thing, though; that wasn’t actually Meghan and Prince Harry checking out Britain’s Got Talent! They were extremely lifelike wax figures (that move!) from a new Madame Tussauds London exhibit called Meghan and Harry Live.

Yes, the figures are so good that people legitimately believed they were actually Meghan and Harry. That sounds ridiculous and hilarious, but there have been more far-fetched conspiracy theories than Queen Elizabeth II murdering her grandchild’s new wife and replacing her with a replicant. ‘Member Melania Trump having a body double? Or Britney Spears being an agent for the Bush administration? You feel silly now, don’t you? You can see footage of “Harry and Meghan” on BGT above — see if you think they’re convincing enough to be the real royals!

Maybe the best part of this whole ordeal was reading the frantic tweets from the Meghan truthers. “Sophia the robot got herself a wig and has infiltrated the royal family by posing as Meghan Markle. the end is near.”, @mxyeduh tweeted. “WHY IS MEGHAN MARKLE LOOKING LIKE AROBOT! Someone tell me this is not real WTF I’m actually scared… full chills, what on EARTH IS THIS,” tweeted @KendallRaeOnYT. “Are there any legs behind this “Meghan Markle robot” video I’ve been seeing today? Like that girl in the video is 100% a robot of some kind. Is the video fake? Is it real? Are humans real? Anybody got some answers for me? Or are we all just going to either die or become robots?”, @JohnChelf chimed in.

Of course, even knowing that this is a stunt from Madame Tussauds…what if something did happen to Meghan and the palace decides to sub in her live wax figure. We’ve said too much.

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