When is Neighbours late night special Hit and Run on Channel 5 and when do Fake Dee, Corrie’s Ryan Thomas and Izzy Hoyland appear?

Neighbours fans rejoice, for Channel 5 are airing a late night special for the iconic Aussie soap in February.

Several old characters will be appearing, including the infamous Izzy Hoyland – plus there is drama for Tyler and Piper ahead. Here’s the lowdown on what’s set to happen….

Fans should put a note in their diaries for 10pm on February 12, as that’s when the hour long special is taking place.

As standard episodes are 20 minutes long, this means fans will enjoy a triple helping of Australian drama.

Soap bosses have teased that a whole host of old characters will be making a comeback, with some familiar faces featuring in dramatic story lines.

Fans will know that Fake Dee, aka Andrea Somers, was in storylines last March, when Toadie found out she was an imposter after sleeping with her in London.

Sindi Watts (Marisa Warrington) is also set to make a return to Ramsay Street, and as she was an accomplice of Fake Dee, drama is set to go down when she returns for Toadie’s birthday party.

Viewers will want to look out for Toadie’s reaction when Sindi tells him that Andrea is back from the UK – and are left wondering if she was the woman spying on Toadie when he and Sonya renewed their marriage vows.

The main focus of the special will be Izzy Hoyland’s dramatic return, which is set to cause tension between Karl and Susan Kennedy.

Long-term viewers will know that Izzy, who appeared between 2003 and 2007, is best known for her romance with Karl – and actress Natalie Bassingthwaighte has teased a bedroom scene will take place in the episode.

New photos show Izzy requiring medical attention within minutes of her return to Erinsborough after being hit by Susan in a car.

Photos show Karl tending to Izzy in the ambulance but Susan is nowhere to be seen.

Old characters Sindi Watts, Lance, Stu and Stonefish are making a return for Toadie’s 90s-themed birthday party.

Although she made a brief visit last year for the Fake Dee plotline, Sindi hasn’t been seen regularly on the soap since her departure in 2005.

Lance has not been seen on the soap since the 2005 20th anniversary special, and Stonefish has not been a regular feature since 2007.

Blair McDonough is returning to his role as Stuart- and he was most recently seen in Home and Away, where he played Beth’s father.

Coronation Street actor Ryan Thomas will be appearing for the first time in the late night special.

He is playing Rafael Humphrey, an English tourist who turns up planning revenge on one of the Ramsay Street residents.

Fans saw a glimpse of his character in a trailer which aired earlier this month.

Channel 5 has teased a tense upcoming storyline for Piper and Tyler, which begins the night before Tyler’s trial.

After surprising Tyler by booking a room for them in a city hotel, Piper persuades him that they should go on the run – but they get spotted the next day and reported to the police.

The pair attempt to escape via the rooftops, with the police chasing after them, and one of them ends up in a life-threatening accident.

Although Paige and Jack are currently in relationships, the special will see them give in to temptation and betray their partners.

Left full of guilt, Paige is torn between her feelings for Mark and her child’s father.

It remains to be seen whether Mark and Steph find out what happened, but fans will have to say goodbye to Paige soon as actress Olympia Valance recently filmed her final scenes.

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