The Queen's Green Planet Documentary Proves That We Need to See Her on TV WAY More Often

As soon as we saw the trailer for ITV’s The Queen’s Green Planet, we knew that it was going to be wonderful. The one-hour documentary, which aired in the UK on Monday evening, celebrates the conservation work that Queen Elizabeth II is doing with her Commonwealth Canopy, a network of forest conservation projects across the Commonwealth.

Joining her good friend Sir David Attenborough for a walk around the gardens of Buckingham Palace, the Queen discusses trees, giggles over an oddly placed sundial, makes a joke about Donald Trump, and talks about the “health and safety” issues surrounding conkers (the hard, inedible seeds of the horse chestnut tree that British kids thread string through and “battle” in a slightly dangerous game). Unsurprisingly, the people of Twitter quickly got to work, plotting future TV presenting gigs for the witty nonagenarian duo, calling for old-fashioned conker matches across the country, and delighting in the Britishness of the whole thing. Read on for some of the best reactions.

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